Vighnaharta Ganesh 27th December 2019 Written Episode Update


Vighnaharta Ganesh 27th December 2019 Written Update, Written Update on

Vighnaharta Ganesh 27th December 2019 Episode Start With all students telling manikantha which weapon you have taken a simple stick & they laugh saying as we have taken such weapons where your stick can’t face our weapons but tells them that to not to forget what gurudev taught us to use five important lessons of administration, meditation, knowledge, ability & power which we should do it & shows power of his weapon stick while he is hearing the voice of maheshi’s woman army who are shouting to end yagna & laughing so manikantha thinks now I two tasks in my hands what gurudev has given & yagna to be saved. Gurudev tells his other students to help manikantha to act against him what he will be doing so that he can prove himself so they are instigating him saying now we will see who wins & they are using their weapons towards him while he is showing his powers with full meditation & retaliates so they get shocked how he is saving himself while guru is glad seeing this.

The evil woman are trying to attack destroy the yagna but a gadha flies & stops the woman sending her back on the ground so they are shocked.The students are playing their power of weapons with maninkantha while he is attacking towards all their weapons towards evil woman’s army injuring them so they shout asking who is it that is attacking from behind.
Manikantha & his student friends are playing their weapon attack but he is sending his weapons towards all those evil woman army injuring them one by one.

Manikantha is still fighting with his friends with closed eyes as they are telling him that we won’t leave you so easily as this will be your practical test now & as they attack he retaliates & defeats them & also tells them now I will leave as I have some other work to do & he jumps towards yagna to save from evil woman’s & he throws them all with his leg powers. Manikantha prays yagna while maheshi is getting uneasy saying why my powers are decreasing & how come these gods are acquiring powers. All her woman’s come to her & she shouts how you got defeated & to take me there.

Manikantha takes blessings from his gurudev while guru appreciates him telling him that you are one my student who is so able to face all powers & now can leave to your parents. Gurudev’s son falls down on manikantha’s feet as all are surprised & guru lifts him & takes away while manikantha is confused thinking.Maheshi comes at that place & she feels all have gone away may be because of getting scared of me then a red flag comes flying in front of her & she gets scared saying lets leave from here & her woman army is confused what happened.

Ganesh asks may be maheshi got scared & mata paravati explains them that he was now going to become the ultimate avatar as swami ayappa & mantri was trying his tricks with maharani to instigate her against manikantha.Manikantha’s small brother is asking her mother do I look like my father while she blesses her saying yes you look like him only. Mantri is also interfering praising the small child & also he is instigating against manikantha while she is stopping him not to talk odd against my both sons so he says i know he is also able but he is not interested in this rule but maharaj comes telling them to arrange for welcome of manikantha as he is returning back will all his completion of studies.

Rashmiprabha says how evil was this mantri while mata paravati explains her & ganesh that he was doing evil tricks but just for time limit.Manikantha takes blessings from his god while his gurudev sits thinking how my son was happy seeing manikantha but as he leaves now so my son will again get into darkness.


Vighnaharta Ganesh 30th December 2019 Written Episode Update Precap : Manikantha uses gods help by sitting on their form of tiger.


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