Vighnaharta Ganesh 28th May 2021 Written Episode Update


Vighnaharta Ganesh 28th May 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Vighnaharta Ganesh 28th May 2021 episode starts with Ganeshji narrating that this way Kamdev was vanished by Shri Hanuman but he met his Prabhu Jagannath for achieving his wish.
Shri Hanuman praises Prabhu Jagannath for helping him to destroy this evil Kamdev while Prabhu appreciates him for his devotion & powers to support for good cause of spreading devotional knowledge within people & guarding the temple so asks him his wish. Shri Hanuman tells Prabhu that this Sea is always bringing disturbance in my devotion hence I have to come here to stop Sea from getting wild hence please tie me with the chain of Shri Ram so that the Sea won’t ever pass me but Prabhu falls in confusion while all Gods are shocked hearing this. Prabhu thinks & decides to fulfil his wish by tying him with the chain saying that from now onwards you will be called Bedi-Hanuman here & whoever comes to Jagannath temple won’t complete his Pooja without taking your blessings. Shri Hanuman also wishes from Prabhu that to calm this Sea who needs your blessings it seems & Prabhu Jagannath puts his legs by which Sea comes near touching Prabhu’s Legs & emerges to take blessings. Prabhu Jagannath blesses Sea God & leaves.
Devi Laxmi tells Madhav that this way Shri Hanuman was called as Bedi-Hanuman & Subhadra tells that sea then too wasn’t calm hence because of Dev Rishi it could happen & Madhav tells her to please narrate.
Dev Rishi while going to Jagannath temple sees Shri Hanuman tied with chain & Shri Hanuman tells him that I am here to look after Sea which should not disturb. Dev Rishi tries entering the temple but feels something wrong & sees Prabhu roaming in the temple hence goes to ask Prabhu Shri Krishna but he shuts Dev Rishi saying Subhadra & Balarama are sleeping hence to not to disturb them. Dev Rishi asks him what is the problem & he shares telling him that I couldn’t perform my duty towards Devi Laxmi properly as when he came here they both sat at aloof place under a tree silently to enjoy each other’s company but that Sea disturbed always sounding it’s noise by which Devi Laxmi got angry leaving me alone. Dev Rishi asks him that you had met sea God then why didn’t you complained him but Prabhu tells him that he is my father in law hence how can I complain him.
Dev Rishi goes & meets Shri Hanuman for complaining about this while Shri Hanuman tells him that he is in this condition that I can’t leave from here but Dev Rishi insists him to help your Prabhu or what’s the use of standing here who can’t guard him from Sea. Shri Hanuman uses his powers with his weapon to blow off the flow of sea while sea God comes pleading Shri Hanuman saying that as per your wish water doesn’t come near the temple then what’s the mistake now & he complains Sea God about Prabhu’s disturbance but sea God tells him that in this only Pawan God can help you.
Pushpadant asks Ganeshji that Shri Hanuman itself was Pawan Putra then why he had needed to ask Pawan God & he tells him that he had to share the trouble.
Shri Hanuman calls Pawan God but he too tells him that in this I also can’t help you because this itself is blessed by Prabhu only so how can I go against his blessings. Shri Hanuman thinks & uses his powers to flow his air storm all over the temple for not disturbing the sound noise of Sea which stops.


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