Vighnaharta Ganesh 28th November 2019 Written Episode Update


Vighnaharta Ganesh 28th November 2019 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Vighnaharta Ganesh 28th November 2019 Episode Start With bhandasoor says I will send such evil who was never killed in past & will not get killed now too so mohini asks who then he says balindra who is ultimate powerful evil while ganesh & devi are surprised whom has bhandasoor has sent now so mata tells them he is near to us so ganesh asks where is he then he immerges & asks ganeshji that you won’t ask me who I am then ganesh says you itself are an introduction so he tells ganesh that I am balindra with whom you have to fight now & I will attack in such a way that I will disappear where you all can’t find me.

He shows his trial attempts while ganesh says bhandasoor has sent such evil who is immerged by maharaj bali & it is difficult to defeat balindra. Balindra asks ganesh whom are you sending to fight with me so ganesh says now narayan’s waman avatar have to come to control balindra & as waman immerges then bhandasoor is surprised saying who is this who all are praying while mata is blessing waman avatar. Balindra is saying this small child will defeat me & laughs. Mohini tells bhandasoor that your evil is in problem & you are smiling so he says he can’t get defeated as a waman is not a soldier & is saint so he can’t kill him so I will win in this situation.

Kartik also asks ganesh how waman can kill him as he is not a soldier. Balindra is saying this child can’t kill me or fight with me as he is not a soldier & he is trying to instigate waman but wamn child lifts his leg becoming in huge form. Ganesh is explaining how maharaj bali had surrenderd in front of waman like the same way bali will also get the same treatment while bhandasoor says I won’t allow anything to happen to bali & tries using his weapon powers. Bali is trying to attack with his weapon while waman is bending his weapon with his legs & he is trying to enter in earth but he can’t & waman explains him that you can’t do this against ved mantra so he says nothing can happen to me so waman tells him your maharaj had also surrendered towards me so you to do the same thing then bali says why should I surrender as I am under bhandasoor but ganesh tells him mata can kill you so he tries but says nobody can kill me then ganesh tells him now mata will show her powers & kill you.

Mata send devi’s & they asks permission from waman & he allows so they try killing bali but he defends saying your weapons can’t kill me but they again attack him & continue fighting with him. Bali says now you can’t see me & I will kill you but devi’s kill him cutting his body while bhandasoor is shocked saying how can he get killed & kartik praises devi’s.
Bhandasoor says this can’t happen while mohini tells him to accept you are defeated & he gets wild on her telling her what not I have done to achieve this position to sacrifice all bigger things. Mohini asks him what have you sacrificed so he gets alert saying what I said in front of her.

Bhandasoor is seeing blood again saying why this blood is coming on my hands every time & says that if this weapon would not had in my hands then my daughter could had being alive today so mohini asks did you get fruit of your bigger sacrifice then he tells her that something is left behind due to which I am seeing my defeat every time.Rashmiprabha prays ganehs’s statue saying you have saved me & ganesh understands that rashmiprabha is safe who had fell on kamal flower by his blessings.


Vighnaharta Ganesh 29th November 2019 Written Episode Update Precap : Ganesh, Mata & all avatar’s of Narayan are getting ready to fight war with bhandasoor & his army.


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