Vighnaharta Ganesh 28th September 2020 Written Episode Update


Vighnaharta Ganesh 28th September 2020 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Vighnaharta Ganesh 28th September 2020 episode starts with rishi kashyap giving bhokat vinayak name to ganesh while narantak & devantak suddenly wake up hearing name bhokat vinayak asking what name we heard & their god informs them that it’s the avatar taken by ganesh to end your evil so to be ready to face bhokat vinayak. Devantak gets arrogant & challenges vinayak as narantak calms & explains him how to tackle vinayak.
Mata aditi tells vinayak that I’ll prepare sweet & food for you now & he becomes eager to eat by her hands prepared so he tells her I am waiting for your food eagerly while she is arranging to prepare all kinds of food materials excitingly.
Mata paravati becomes restless for ganesh while mahadev comes to calm her & she is expressing her love towards ganesh which makes her unable to stay calm seeing kailash’s has no charm without ganesh. Ganesh hears this saying now I too will complete my work & return soon.
An evil woman in disguise comes to see how ganesh can be harmed while mata aditi is serving him food one by one but she is planning her poison into food to harm ganesh & ganesh understands something fishy happening through the woman in front of him standing then suddenly he tells mata to give something else & the woman gets bugged. As the woman is trying to put poison instead she is harmed by it & vanishes from there.
Mata aditi is taking utmost care of vinayak while narantak is watching him & he is making garland for mata but all flowers fall down & he gest depressed then mata tells him to tie whatever he has in his hands. Ganesh also takes care of mata whenever she feels low while both narantak & devantak trying to create problems towards ganesh but he understands & overcomes all their evil acts.
Both are punishing a villager for praising vinayak & asoor gandharcomes for their help but they tell him saying to let five ghost asoors go there.
All gods with rishi kashyap are performing pooja celebration of vinayak while five ghost asoors come to attack vinayak but ganesh understands & uses his powers to kill all of them & all gods understand ganesh’s brilliance on tackling this while mata paravati too watches him.
Indra requests vinayak to show his original form & he appears in huge vinayak form while all gods & godesses bless him sending their love towards vinayak. Mata paravati too sends her gift of love to him as he sits on a huge lion & all are praising him.
An informer informs narantak & devantak that bhokat vinayak killed all ghost asoors & they get shocked.
Indra praises vinayak for saving them & rishi kashyap too applauds vinayak.
Asoor gandhar goes to kashi naresh for putting his evil power flag in exchange of naresh’s flag in their bhawan warning him to not to go against asoors or will disturb marriage celebration.
Vinayak tells all of them that I am here to kill all those evils who has harmed you & they praise vinayak while mata aditi thinks that after vinayak’s work completed he’ll go away & gets depressed as vinayak reduces his form thinking I understand mata will go under depression if I leave after my work completion which she knows so I have to calm her.
Kashi naresh comes to rishi kahyap asking for help who’ll bring disturbance into marriage celebration taking place in his bhawan of his son & he asks who? so king naresh tells him narantak & devantak who has warned me & rishi kashyap understands ganesh taken birth for these two only so he suggests king that not me but my son vinayak will help you in this without disclosing his proper identity to king & king is surprised thinking how can a child help. Rishi takes vinayak in hut to inform him to go for help but mata aditi is feeling depressed if vinayak kills them then he’ll leave immediately as promised while ganesh understands this. Ganesh tells rishi that if I go & do this work then I have to leave mata which I do not wish to as no time has spent with her who waited for me since so many years & without her permission I am unable to go while mata hears & comes running to hug vinayak feeling his great love towards her.

Precap : 

Vighnaharta Ganesh 29th September 2020 Written Episode Update Precap :Narantak & devantak warn king naresh that you have taken help from this child vinayak so not only you but this child will also face our terror of our powers.


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