Vighnaharta Ganesh 29th November 2019 Written Episode Update


Vighnaharta Ganesh 29th November 2019 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Vighnaharta Ganesh 29th November 2019 Episode Start With rashmiprabha praying ganeshji while ganesh blesses her. She asks him was I not a good daughter & where was I wrong but ganesh tells her it’s your father’s mistake & not your’s. Ego is fine but extra egoistic makes person evil only because to achieve the biggest weapon to defeat mata lalita. Bhandasoor says whatever mistake must had happened but I got this biggest weapon for some motive which I will complete with my winning & he flows his weapon in air.

All devi’s are watching while kartik says somebody has entered in battlefield so says to inform ganesh immediately to search solution of this but wondering where ganesh is.
Ganesh is seeing blackout happening & wondering what is this happening so he tells rashmiprabha that your father has sent some new warrior so I have to go to give solution to mata for stopping this evil warrior & kill him. Rashmiprabha says I also have to go so ganesh asks where you have to go so she tells him I have to go to my father then ganesh asks why so she tells him I will explain him then he will stop this war now. Ganesh tells her I won’t allow you to do this as once he had put you in death trap so again he can do that so she tells him once when he realizes about death of his daughter was a mistake then he might have understood now what he lost so after seeing me again then he will stop this so ganesh tells her you don’t go there but she tells him please let me go as once I convince him he will stop & till I don’t call you, you won’t come for my safety & ganesh is confused.
An evil immerges laughing while devi’s are getting confused seeing him.
Rashmiprabha tells ganesh to promise me that you won’t come so ganesh also tells her that I know he might get emotional seeing his daughter & I promise you I won’t until you don’t call me & he thanks ganesh.

Ganesh is wondering saying who is this biggest warrior so he says nobody can do war with me as I am having various kinds of weapons & you all are weapon less & I will kill you all. Ganesh thinks saying he is sehestra bahu who was killed by prabhu parshuram. Mata also gets up from her seat understanding this & devi’s & mata get ready with weapons in their hands. Ganesh is explaining mata about the evil who was killed by parshuram so without wasting time we have to call him. Mata explains ganesh that parshuram is chiranjeevi & he is in meditation for long time so to call him from his meditation is impossible so we have to go to him to bring him from his meditation but it’ll become to wake him from his anger too so who will do this & ganesh asks permission from mata that I will do this & goes by taking blessings from mata. Bhandasoor is feeling something & says rashmiprabha & also says no as it might be my disturbance.

Ganesh says I have reached mahendrgiri mountain while he is hearing voice of prabu mahadev’s mantra chanting so he says it must be parshuram itself but why can’t I see him but can hear him so he also chants mantra of parshuram & brahmadev’s too. Ganesh is appreciating prabhu parshuram very much seeing him meditating & prays him & tells him I immediately want to wake you & take you to mata for participating in this war. Ganesh is feeling prabhu parshuram will get angry while he is still in his meditation. He is also saying mata had already alerted to wake him means to wake his anger but in the battlefield there everything will go against us as bhandasoor sending karivedhi evil has played a big game.
The evil is laughing while devi’s are watching him & mata is getting ready with her weapon to attack him.

Ganesh is trying to wake parshuram telling & forcing him to come out of your meditation for good as destruction is happening. Bhandasoor is saying that this evil will fight with devi’s & kill them while rashmiprabha calls him so he gets confused hearing her voice.
The evil is attacking his weapons while mata retaliates with her weapon & his weapons get destroyed so he is shocked.

Ganesh is still trying to wake parshuram explaining everything & he opens his eyes as mountain gets blast so ganesh understands that prabhu parshuram is out of his meditation it seems. He explains parshuram but parshuram tells ganesh that I can’t go anywhere.
Bhandasoor tries to search rashmiprabha while mohini asks him what happened & leaves saying my job is finished from here now. Bhandasoor sees foot prints so he understands these are rashmiprabha’s prints & goes behind them & reaches in palace so he searches everywhere but does not find & he also sees images of her running from here & there & gets surprised saying this is impossible.

The evil is challenging mata saying now these fire balls will destroy your devi army & this whole world so he throws telling her save if you can.Ganesh is pleading parshuram to come for help to kill that evil karivedhi who was killed by you but parshuram says I can’t come so he asks what is the reason then he explains that guru dattatraya was angry with me last time when I had killed him so again I can’t face his anger then to go & ask permission from guru dattatraya then only I can do this work. Ganesh says what kind of difficulty is this as this is keeping on delaying.


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