Vighnaharta Ganesh 29th September 2020 Written Episode Update


Vighnaharta Ganesh 29th September 2020 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Vighnaharta Ganesh 29th September 2020 episode starts with mata aditi pleads rishi to not to send vinayak anywhere but rishi explains vinayak & mata aditi that to think of that son also whose mother too must be needing vinayak’s help & she asks who mata & rishi tells her about devi matanki who provides us air & whose son’s marriage taking place or both narantak & devantak will bring destruction in their celebration so vinayak understands & also explains mata aditi but she is still reluctant then too accepts his advise telling him to return only once after your completion of work & vinayak promises but then he mustn’t be pressured again emotionally to stop so she blesses him & ties knot on his hands of her blessings giving him also laddoos which he loves. Ganesh also gives her a gift but she tells him I’ll take when you return to meet me & both hug each other as mata aditi blesses him to be safe & not to see back while leaving & ganesh leaves taking blessings bending down on her feet emotionally.
Vinayak leaves with kashi naresh while mata aditi comes running to see him going.

Informer informs narantak & devantak that kashi naresh has left with the child vinayak for his help & they get in fit of rage to challenge him deciding to send strong warriors to attack them.
Naresh is wondering while on the way about vinayak & mata aditi is under depression calling vinayak but rishi calms her to allow your son to achieve his motive.
Naresh is thinking why this child has been sent with me whose mind & heart is with his parents but ganesh understands & tells him to not to worry as my father’s respect is important for me & he is very able person to decide best in such conditions & he is satisfied.
Narantak & devantak decide to send their giant uncle to attack as they call him to do this & he takes oath for doing him given work & they decide to send along their aunty too who will make their uncle reach there with her powers of storm.
Naresh thinks why vinayak is in thoughts but sees storm coming & informs vinayak to help in controlling this alos to be safe but vinayak is still in thoughts about his mother aditi while nares continuously telling vinayak for help but naresh lifts bow & arrow thinking i only have do something now to hit storm goddess while narantak & devantak understand that aunty has attacked her powers towards them feeling happy & the arrow does not harm storm goddess so naresh pleads vinayak for help again & again.
Rishi is still trying to calm mata aditi while vinayak is still in thoughts of mata aditi whom he understands she is continuously crying for him so he too is weeping.
Naresh unable to handle situation forcing vinayak saying you are not doing your duty for help while vinayak unable to face due to his thoughts concentrating on mata aditi’s weeping but rishi tries to calm her & vinayak uses his tear powers to send for making mata aditi calm & she immediately gets strong saying my son won’t fall lose to overcome hurdles while vinayak understands & promises her that I’ll return with your blessings safely.
Vinayak asks weapon from naresh to overcome storm goddess & she is hit by him which makes her angry. Storm goddess uses her powers to throw huge stones towards both of them where naresh is unable to handle but vinayak holds him & he understands that vinayak is great about whom I was thinking wrong but faces trouble getting their rath half broken & horses running away but vinayak holds his hands seeing the mountain end nearing as rath falls but they fall down from the mountain safely with the powers of vinayak. A huge giant is meditating for brahmadev while naresh tells vinayak he is narantak & devantak’s giant uncle.
Brahamdev emerges getting impressed to boon him & giant asks weapon from brahmadev which when comes in his hands he must become winner & brahamdev provides his boon but naresh seeing this tells vinayak this weapon should not come in his hands or he’ll destroy everything so vinayak gives his sweets pot given to him by his mata aditi, to naresh for holding & uses his powers jumping to take the weapon sent by brahamdev & giant becomes arrogant saying give back my weapon which is achieved by me through brahmadev’s meditation but vinayak tells him you asked wish if it gets in your hands but now it’s in my hands & giant uncle angrily tells him to not to fool me or I’ll thrash you but vinayak throws the weapon sword towards him saying take this & it kills him instantly which shocks narantak ,devantak & also storm goddess.

Precap : 

Vighnaharta Ganesh 30th September 2020 Written Episode Update Precap :Ganesh tells naresh to hold pot while narantak & devantak plan to make ganesh push into well with help of asoor ghost.


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