Vighnaharta Ganesh 2nd July 2021 Written Episode Update


Vighnaharta Ganesh 2nd July 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Vighnaharta Ganesh 2nd July 2021 episode starts with Madhav hiding watching Prabhu coming out of Karmabai’s hut while Prabhu calls him telling that nothing is hidden from me hence to come out because I have seen you following me & Madhav says I knew you wished to teach me a lesson from this. Prabhu tells him that due to Karmabai’s deep devotion I always come to eat here which I can’t ignore & he too says that I too have understood her true devotion which is appreciable. Prabhu tells him that if I give you some work will you do & Madhav without any doubt says that I will do anything for you I promise hence Prabhu quietly murmur’s in his ears & hearing this he is shocked saying that this I can’t do.

Balbhadra wonders saying what Kanha must have told him to do?

Ganeshji says that this is Prabhu’s miracle as he told him to create doubt in Karmabai’s mind towards her devotion to test her & Pushpadant asks did Madhav accepted Prabhu’s request & he tells him that he had to due to his devotee & becoming his friend too.

Madhav says it’s wrong to fool such a poor woman but Prabhu tells him that this is duty of testing true devotion which isn’t wrong hence as you have promised so you have to do this & finally Madhav agrees & moves towards her hut while Prabhu sits under the tree watching him.

Karmabi is wondering thinking about her Prabhu who might come anytime & she isn’t having anything to prepare hence has to offer Khichdi itself.

Madhav knocks the door & Karmabai feels it’s Prabhu hence she opens but finds Madhav & he says not your Prabhu but I too am devotee of Prabhu Jagannath so is it possible to give something to eat & she welcomes him inside saying when you say Prabhu’s devotee it means Prabhu has arrived I feel. She offers him yesterday’s Khichdi asking if he can eat this while he says which is made with love how can he reject & he accepts it. Karmabai is chatting with him lovingly while he is reminding about his mother who also loved him in his childhood. Karambai mistakenly says I feed Prabhu also whenever he comes but realizes & says whoever comes to her place she feeds them thinking as her Prabhu & Prabhu watching this feels very emotional about her. Madhav advises her of true devotional lessons which Prabhu likes eg. of having bath then cleaning all vegetables with water along with washing utensils also & then to prepare food to serve Prabhu & she feels it’s late hence gets up to arrange everything due to Prabhu might come anytime & in the meantime Madhav leaves.

Prabhu asks him is work finished while he tells him that you have put me in trouble it seems & Prabhu is smiling.

Ganeshji says this was test of Karmabai’s devotion which was about to spread a new lesson of devotion in this world.

Prabhu goes towards Karmabai’s hut while Madhav is trying to tell him that her food mustn’t’ be ready but then too he is moving while Karmabai is in confusion after having bath & then for preparing food with all things to follow as told to her by Madhav.

Prabhu arrives & she asks him I feel you won’t wait because it’ll take time for me to prepare food due to delayed for work but he says I can wait hence she begins her work but is confused how to prepare when vegetables aren’t washed then too she is doing it quickly. Madhav watching this feels why Prabhu is behaving this way towards the poor woman.

Subhadra wonders saying to Balbhadra why Prabhu is trying to test Karambai or what his intentions are.

Prabhu is watching Karmabai who is struggling to make the Khichdi feeling very emotional falling tears from his eyes too.
Karmabai brings it in front of Prabhu saying I do not know if it’s tasty while Prabhu says whatever you prepare is with true devotion hence how is it possible I won’t like this & Karmabai tells him that I know you always ate just to make me happy but I never prepared tasty Khichdi & he keeps looking into her eyes emotionally while she keeps crying for her mistake.


Vighnaharta Ganesh 3rd July 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :A new story will begin of Prabhu Jagannath who also sleeps for 14 days due to which the temple’s doors are also closed.


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