Vighnaharta Ganesh 2nd June 2021 Written Episode Update


Vighnaharta Ganesh 2nd June 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Vighnaharta Ganesh 2nd June 2021 episode starts with the head of the temple ie. Pujari takes Madhav to Raja of Jagannath Puri for taking viable decision.
Raja’s minister in front of Raja is blaming Madhav for stealing the golden plate & telling Raja to decide his punishment but Madhav asks Raja before knowing the truth how can decision be made while the minister is accusing & blaming him for behaving egoistic in front of Raja. Madhav says that I have done a big mistake that I couldn’t realize my Prabhu Jagannath.
Raja asks Madhav that how come you got that plate which isn’t allowed by anybody to take it outside the temple. Madhav is trying to convince him by telling that truth of a lady coming to her & giving it saying Prabhu is like her brother while minister jokes about him saying that it seems Devi Subhadra had come to meet you as you feel you can fool us but he keeps trying to convince them that after her one more lady like mother also came & Madhav kept telling all those earlier incidences whatever he faced but the minister kept joking about him while the Pujari was feeling about his truth who might be a great devotee it seems but can’t speak due to Raja’s anger. The minister tells Raja that this fellow feels we’ll get fooled by his tricky talks while Madhav realizes about trick & says that this might also be a trick of my Prabhu Jagannath who is doing all this to bless me because of whom I am here & Raja gets wild on Madhav & decides to punish him giving daily 20 hunter beats on his back.
Senapati is beating him with hunter but the pains are taken by his Prabhu & he isn’t feeling any pain of hunter hence Madhav tells senapati to keep hitting him while his Prabhu will take care of him. The minister is forcing senapati to keep beating Madhav.
Balarama & Subhadra wonder how come this is happening that Madhav isn’t feeling any pain while Shri Krishna is taking the pain on his back. Devi Laxmi also feeling very emotional about Madhav & watches Prabhu Narayan who is taking the pains on his back of Madhav’s hunter punishment. The hunter falls down from senapati’s hands getting injured while beating Madhav but the minister keeps accusing Madhav telling to accept the theft while Madhav goes & plucks some medicinal plants giving it to senapati to apply on his hands which is injured hence he also becomes emotional towards Madhav.
Ganeshji says that this is true devotee who understands his Prabhu nicely & believes he will be secured by his Prabhu keeping faith on him.
Madhav tells senapati that you keep beating me because you have to do your job while my Prabhu will secure me but minister is accusing him again & again.
Madhav is taken in prison while Pujari watches & goes to meet him. Madhav asks him why have you come to help me but instead Pujari tells him Prabhu looks after devotee’s like you which had happened earlier too with one of the devotee & Madhav asks him who was it & he says he was writer of Ramcharitra Manas & devotee of Shri Ram who was none other than Tulsidas.
Tulsidas is coming to meet his Prabhu Shri Ram but at one time he is about to fall down due to hit by stone on his path but his Prabhu handles him & he realizes it was his Prabhu itself. Tulsidas is moving towards Jagannath temple singing prayers while some villagers also follow him hearing his devotional song but when Tulsidas enters the temple he finds Gods idols without hands & gets confused thinking that it’s not his Prabhu for whom he came here.


Vighnaharta Ganesh 3rd June 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Tulsidas is returning but Prabhu Shri Krishna is also leaving while Balarama asks him now where are you going & he says how can I allow my devotee to return this way. Tulsidas is feeling pulled behind wondering how’s this happening while his Prabhu is sitting under a tree doing all this.


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