Vighnaharta Ganesh 2nd November 2021 Written Episode Update


Vighnaharta Ganesh 2nd November 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Vighnaharta Ganesh 2nd November 2021 episode starts with Shri Ganesh is wondering thinking about those women’s clutched by Narkasoor walking around in the room provided by Usha & her mother while they bring fruits & water to provide him if he wishes to have.

Mushak asks Shri Ganesh why he is in confusion & he tells him he is concerned about those women’s clutched by Narkasoor. Narkasoor reduces his form & warns all those women’s that they have to get ready for marrying him because no any Krishna going to come to help them or they’ll lose their voice but one of woman says they won’t bend in front of him because Shri Ganesh has told them devotion has ultimate powers & another woman is also about to say something but she in unable to utter words hence Narkasoor laughs saying he had told them they will lose their voice & he shows them the powers of his evil women’s which flow around them.

Mushak asks Shri Ganesh what can be the solution he is thinking of helping them & he says that’s what he is wondering but Mushak says it can be possible to ask help from Mata Kamyaksh who can help them in her place & Shri Ganesh gets the idea from Mushak hence he prays Mata while Mata uses her powers to guard all those women’s from those evil women’s who are trying to harm them but unable watching Mata’s powers guarding them & those clutched women’s also realize this is Mata Kamyaksh’s powers which is guarding them.

All the women’s are saved who praise Mata & Mata advises them to pray Shri Ganesh so that they will be safe but one of woman says this evil has affected their voice by taking name of Shri Ganesh then she advises them to chant within their mouth purely hence he’ll realize their prayers so they do accordingly & Shri Ganesh as well as Shri Krishna also realize their call for help.

Shri Ganesh says to Mushak Mata has helped them hence now he has to do something now but he asks what while Shri Ganesh feels Banasoor drinking in his palace & also sees the image of Usha’s marriage hence says this will be some kind of solution to evil Narkasoor & Banasoor’s end.

Banasoor is practicing breaking structured statues kept in front of him while Shri Ganesh comes followed by Mushak watching him & Mushak appreciates his body powers while Banasoor asks Shri Ganesh why he didn’t praise him & Shri Ganesh says to him he is powerful but displaying his powers on lifeless statues & Banasoor shows him his thousand hands which can defeat any great warrior so to bring any such who is ready to face him &

Shri Ganesh suggests him to ask Prabhu Mahadev who has booned him his wish & he can only help him & appreciates Shri Ganesh for giving him this advise hence plans to go to Prabhu Mahadev but Ganeshji tells not now because he must be in meditation & Banasoor in his ego says Prabhu Mahadev has to attend him because this is his place & not Kailash so he moves to him while Mushak says this is to be watched now.

Banasoor calls Prabhu Mahadev who doesn’t open his eyes hence he says he can get up playing his tambora itself now & he tries to touch the tambora but gets shock & is pushed back falling on the ground. Prabhu Mahadev opens his eyes & the entire world is tremored & Banasoor pleads him but wishes him to give him blessings to kill the ultimate strongest warrior whoever he is but Prabhu says to him he’ll be killed by that warrior who will emerge at required time & he is confused is he is blessing or cursing him while Shri Ganesh feels it’s time of his death invitation it seems.

Usha brings Modak sweets for Shri Ganesh who appreciates it & talks about her marriage who will come very soon for her while Shri Krishna is also alerting his relative giving knowledge of marriage about his earlier thought.


Vighnaharta Ganesh 3rd November 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :To see how Mata Kamyaksh’s powers join with Shri Ganesh to bring end of evil Banasoor & Narkasoor.


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