Vighnaharta Ganesh 2nd September 2020 Written Episode Update


Vighnaharta Ganesh 2nd September 2020 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Vighnaharta Ganesh 2nd September 2020 episode starts with mushak thinking why prabhu has sent me inside the house while father of walli is coming out of the house as mushak keeps the letter given by kartik near walli & he too goes away & ganesh sees mushak has done his work so now it’s my time to do rest.
Walli is reading the letter sent by kartik through mushak who left for her & she is happy while kartik is excited to meet her which he had Informed her in letter. Kartik asks mushak did he gave to walli itself while ganesh tells him to be patient. Kartik is waiting eagerly while sunset is nearing so mushak asks kartik it’s too late now so we have to leave but kartik tells him I have told her I’ll wait forever till she comes & walli comes praising kartik thinking you waited for me overnight like what I had done earlier for you too & she comes near kartik after moon arriving in the sky & kartik is watching praising her as both are steering each other as ganesh tells mushak our work is finished here. Walli is praising kartik while kartik too talks with her happily.
Walli’s brother & father arrive seeing both of them & her brother tells his father this is the person who is following my sister so he shouts kartik but kartik tries to stop him but then too walli’s brother throws his weapon saying you have to be punished as her father too is angry by kartik but kartik uses his arrow to destroy his sword spreading power to make then unconscious & walli cries saying what you did this but kartik explains her nothing has happened to them & comes in his original form also making them conscious again & they realize him as mahadev’s son itself so they plead & pray him while they also pray ganesh seeing him too besides kartik.
Devsena & devraj indra too arrive as devsena hugs walli. Walli’s father says now I’ll make arrangement for taking bride’s procession from my place but devraj says no as they have to be taken from indralok but both of them are arguing while ganesh thinks how to resolve this now & narayan arrives telling them that both the girls are my daughters so I’ll be taking them to welcome & arranging procession with mata laxmi at vaikunth itself if you do not have any problems now & both of them accept the same.
Arrangement is happening at narayan’s palace while guru shukracharya comes to tell them I also have come to perform my duty too as your daughter’s mama which I have known about their marriage & they welcome him.
Ganesh is telling mata paravati excitedly that all are happy & I am very much excited in this marriage to perform for my brother kartik.
All are welcoming kartik while he takes blessings from mahadev & paravati bending on both of their feet & they hug him lovingly.
All are singing songs & dancing taking along kartik towards both daughter’s of narayan. Welcome arrangements have being done for kartik at vaikunth by narayan & laxmi mata. They both are performing formalities of welcoming kartik with all rituals. Both daughters are also ready & coming together performing their rituals praying gods as kartik watches both of them delightedly. Marriage celebration is taking place as kartik puts garland on devsena as all are praising kartik & devsena also puts garland while walli also comes forward & kartik & walli too put garlands on each other as all are pouring flowers on them too. Kanyadaan celebration also starts along with narayan & laxmi mata which finishes & all are enjoying the celebration happily. Narayan & laxmi mata tie the knots of both brides to kartik & taking rounds around fire god while all are pouring flowers on them as ganesh & all are praising kartik.
Ganesh gives the final nod saying marriage celebration has ended giving good wishes to all three. They are taking blessings from mahadev-paravati as well as narayan-laxmi. Mata paravati blesses them with good wishes.
Somebody is chanting mantra of brahmadev & asking wish to bless with powers to spread evil in villagers & also to generate her powers to make their lives horrible as ganesh is feeling now what kind of this evil is arriving somewhere which is to be looked in now.

Precap : 

Vighnaharta Ganesh 3rd September 2020 Written Episode Update Precap :Villagers are feeling giddy due to evil powers of a woman spread while ganesh warns her saying that the time has come to kill you & evil woman is shocked to hear the voice ganesh.


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