Vighnaharta Ganesh 30th April 2021 Written Episode Update


Vighnaharta Ganesh 30th April 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Vighnaharta Ganesh 30th April 2021 episode starts with Madhav das and his older brother Ramdas sleeping in their rooms when they were young. Both the brothers have a dream in their sleep. Madhav das and Ramdas both see Lord Krishna in their dreams. After some time in the night, both the brothers suddenly wake up as they are in Vaikunth in their dreams. Madhavdas and Ramdas both talk to each other and say they saw Prabhu in their dreams. It starts getting cold at night and Madhavdas starts sneezing and catches a cold.
Madhavdas’s mother wakes up and comes to him. She says I have told you to use blanket in the cold, you don’t even listen. Mother sends Ramdas to bring a blanket. Ramdas brings blanket and covers Madhavdas. Madhavdas says mother don’t leave me, stay with me. Mother goes and brings medicinal kaadha for both her sons. They drink and mother gives Madhavdas steam from water to inhale. Madhavdas then holds his mother’s hand and says promise you wont ever leave my hand. Mother says I promise.
Ganesh tells the story to Pushpadant and says this way Madhavdas started becoming dependant on his mother and did not leave her. He soon had to suffer for the same fact, when his mother was ill. Ramdas tried to hide the truth from his mother that she was not well. Mother said she knew she is going to die soon so she made Ramdas promise to never leave Madhavdas’s hand and keep him with him forever. Ramdas gave the promise and Madhavdas was sad and in sorrow when his mother died.
Madhavdas and Ramdas now grew older and everyday prayed to Lord Krishna as his staunch disciples. Madhavdas calls his brother who is in deep devotion, he is hungry and says brother, I am hungry, lets have food. Ramdas completes his prayer and says yes brother, lets eat food but brother also remember, start becoming self-independent, you have become completely dependant on me. Madhavdas says yes brother, but you are here with me then why do I need to worry? Madhavdas and Ramdas sit and have lunch. Ramdas hears a group of Rishi’s walking on the street and singing Lord Krishna’s prayer songs. Madhavdas and Ramdas finish their lunch and Madhavdas says I will wash the plates from today, you told me to become self-dependant! Madhavdas goes to wash the utensils. Ramdas goes outside and sees the group of Sanyasi, he thinks prabhu this is my destiny. You were trying to show me this in my dream too. I understand now but how can I leave my brother who is completely dependant on me?
Madhavdas goes to Ramdas. Ramdas says brother, my destiny is to become a sanyasi, I know it. I shall live my life in devotion to Prabhu Krishna! That is the purpose of my life. Madhavdas says will you leave me brother? You cannot do that! You know I cannot stay without you and you promise mother you would never leave me. Ramdas smiles and says yes brother, I did! I wont leave you.
Ramdas and Madhavdas go to sleep. At night, Ramdas has a dream. He meets Lord Krishna in his dream and Lord Krishna tells him, your destiny is in front of you! Ramdas says prabhu I know, but how do I leave my brother alone? Lord Krishna says Madhav will also soon recognize his destiny, make him responsible. Ramdas wakes up from his dream and looks at Lord Krishna’s statue and smiles. He understands he has to make his brother learn everything and someone will take him to his destiny.
Ramdas and Madhavdas go to Kurukshetra the next day, at Prabhu Jagannath, the form of Lord Krishna’s temple and birth place. Madhav feels a vibe in Kurukshetra and says to his brother, I feel my destiny is right here brother, I don’t know yet but my purpose is hidden in this city. Ramdas remembers what prabhu told him. He tells his brother, he has brought him there to see a girl for him, he will get married. Madhav says brother, you are older than me, how can I get married before you? Ramdas says I had promised mother that I will take care of you, so unless you get married my purpose wont be complete. Ramdas and Madhavdas go to the house of the girl they came to see. The father of the girl welcomes them and says I want a well mannered, religious and loving man to be the husband of my daughter, the daughter brings water, her name is Susheela and she meets Ramdas and Madhavdas. Susheela is beautiful and Madhavdas smiles too. A poor beggar comes to the door asking for water. Susheela says those who welcome a needy in their house and help them live inside god himself, susheela says it is the greatest religion to help a needy. Madhavdas smiles and takes water for the beggar and gives him. The father speak to Ramdas and says you are his older brother, but why is Madhav getting married before you? Ramdas says it is my responsibility as his older brother to do all my responsibilities for him, I promised my mother I would take care of him. Getting him married will relieve me of his further responsibilities and I will be able to complete my destiny, for which I was born. I have to take Sanyas and spend my life in Lord Krishna’s devotion. Madhav comes after giving water. Ramdas asks him what does he think of Susheela? Madhav says brother I am ready to marry Susheela if Susheela devi and her father are fine with it. Everyone accept the relationship.
Ganesh tells Pushpadant that Madhav and Susheela got married and now they came home to complete the home entrance ceremony. Madhav and Susheela are welcomed by their aunt and they come inside newly wed. Madhav says where is brother? Why didn’t he welcome us? Ramdas comes dressed as a Saint and says this is my destiny brother. Now you are married, you have a life and I shall go after my destiny and complete my purpose of life. Madhav is shocked and he remembers how his father and mother died and he thinks now even brother wants to leave me, I cannot let that happen.


Vighnaharta Ganesh 3rd May 2021 30th April 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :After Ramdas leaves to seek his destiny, Madhav lives with his wife Susheela but soon feels locked out without his brother. Madhav cries and says Susheela what do I do? Susheela has tears and says everyone goes someday, soon one day even our relation will be over. Madhav says don’t say that, who will I stay with, whom will I love? Susheela says there is one, Prabhu Jagannath, do his devotion.


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