Vighnaharta Ganesh 31st December 2019 Written Episode Update


Vighnaharta Ganesh 31st December 2019 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Vighnaharta Ganesh 31st December 2019 Episode Start With ganesh asking mata inspite mantri knew manikantha was gifted son then too he did not listen so mata explains him that his father & mother did now knew who he was.Manikantha’s brother tells his father I will do Pooja with these flowers so his father tells him no as the first chance is of manikantha & his brother gets depressed & mantri thinks of evil plan but manikantha handles it by doing Pooja with his brother using his materials so he gets happy.

Mantri is instigating manikantha’s mother with his evil talks but she shouts him & tells him maharaj is correct & so you also act properly as you have to face him in future but he still tries explaining her against manikantha telling her that he is just a gifted son but your small son is your own blood & if he gets all powers then going ahead your small son will have to face such insult continuously & when manikantha takes over this rule then your small son will have to beg in front of him for anything he wish to do so you have to stop this. Maniknatha’s mother gets slowly brain washed & asks him what can I do then he tells him the solution is to kill him so she gets shocked asking how can I do this so he tells her you only have to permit me & I will arrange everything.

Ganesh tells mata paravati how evil is this mantra who is creating all poison in his mother’s brains against manikantha.Maheshi is hammering gods wih her powers while gods are telling her you do whatever you wish but your end is near & she gets more & more angry while dev rishi says now the time has come of maheshi’s end.Mantri arranges plans & tells his guards the time has come now to act.

Maids coming running to maharaj that maharani is under pain due to got hurt so he runs to see her & he calls Vaidya for her medication but mantri uses his evil acts telling Vaidya to do according his plans & he checks & gives wrong information to maharaj & tells that medicine has to be brought form such place where it is not possible for us then maharaj asks him which place as I will go but manikantha tells his father I will go & I am able & his father tells him to be careful while his mother had planned this so she feels glad including mantri as they feel our plan is working.

Dev rishi comes telling indra & other gods that how much you will sustain this harassment from maheshi but you will get free very soon while maheshi is getting more angry.
Mata paravati explains that now maheshi’s end has come near as the plan was of swami ayappa to come & kill her.

Dev rishi tells maheshi that now your end is near as swami ayappa himself is coming to kill you so she gets annoyed saying this is not possible as you are fooling me but he explains her in details that the boon by whom you got so he itself has planned swami to send in this world to kill such evils like you & shani god also tells her that you are under wrong impression but beware as your end is near while she gets arrogant & curses gods that you have planned this & you will face my anger now. Maheshi is harming shani gods eyes while dev rishi tells her not to do this & shani god tells maheshi you do anything but you are going to get killed.

Maheshi is asking dev rishi to explain how he looks then he gives detailed explanation of looks, impression & how smoothly he understands all problems & tackles it who has smile of prabhu Narayan & eyes like prabhu shiv itself so anybody will get impressed looking at him while maheshi gets angry telling him it’s enough as I heard a lot so now I will go & kill him & she changes her form in black bull & flies towards manikantha as manikantha is roaming in jungles he smells something fishy & stops.


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