Vighnaharta Ganesh 31st May 2021 Written Episode Update


Vighnaharta Ganesh 31st May 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Vighnaharta Ganesh 31st May 2021 episode starts with Shri Hanuman running in speed to use his powers of wind which stops the noise of sea by which Prabhu gets impressed for stopping the noise of the sea for making him comfortable to sit with Devi Laxmi without any disturbance.
Ganehji narrates that this way Shri Hanuman who was Pawan Putra used his powers to make his Prabhu comfortable to perform his duty towards his wife Devi Laxmi.
Prabhu blesses him of knowing him as Kaant-Hanuman on west side of this temple place which will be given to him for becoming famous for people to get blessings from him. Shri Hanuman praises Prabhu for always looking after his devotee.
Devi Laxmi in disguise explains Madhav that this way Shri Hanuman was blessed at all directions of temple with various form’s to be for people to get blessings of him & Madhav feels great about Shri Hanuman’s pride. Subhadra also tells him that Jagannath temple became Laukik again but he asks how when it was Alaukik hence she tells him it was due to Yamraj.
Yamraj wondered why people’s souls aren’t coming to him & Chitragupta who is Brahmadev’s son intimates him that this is satyug hence due to people going for praying God Jagannath to wash their evil deeds to save death punishment so it results in reduction of death. Yamraj says that if this Jagannath temple is so famous for achieving wish which gets completed then I’ll too go there to achieve my wish & he leaves changing his form while Dev Rishi Narad notices him & learns from Chitragupta that he is going to make the temple
ALaukik & Dev Rishi also follows him to bring hurdle in Yamraj’s wish.
Yamraj reaches the temple followed by Dev Rishi Narad & both perform prayers by which Prabhu Narayan gets impressed asking them their wish & Dev Rishi Narad wishes that I wish to see this temple in the same manner without any changes to happen & Prabhu fulfils his wish.
Yamraj says that I wish you to make this temple free from all clutches while Dev Rishi asks that how can this be possible when I am blessed with no changes of the temple. Yamraj explains Prabhu for continuation of human’s life’s cycle from death to birth which is not happening due to Jagannath temple’s present condition & Prabhu fulfils Yamraj’s wish supporting his thought but Dev Rishi offends Prabhu’s acceptance while Prabhu explains him but Devi Laxmi suggests Prabhu to also fulfil your devotee Dev Rishi’s wish too & he after thinking finally says that Yamraj’s wish will be completed as per his thought while tells Dev Rishi Narad that your wish will also completed for making Jagannath Puri Dham of Laukik in Kalyug & both of them praise him for taking out an amicable solution.
Both of them go to Jagannath temple & there Prabhu Shri Krishna tells them that after this Devi Subhadra & brother Balbhadra will look in this temple to bless people while Rani Gundecha’s wish has to be completed of arranging my Rath yatra.
Devi Laxmi explains Madhav that this way Prabhu took out the solution & both of them got contented with their wish completion & also Dev Rishi’s wish got completed of converting the Dham into Laukik.
Madhav reminds about Balarama had told him which he expresses to them that Rani Gundecha was given boon of Rath yatra by Prabhu. Devi Laxmi tells him that wasn’t the end of that story but more ahead lot of things happened & he tells her to narrate that story also. Devi Laxmi tells him that it started from Vrindavan which happened by Radha-Rani itself.
Radha-Rani is enjoying remembering about she & her Swami Prabhu Shri Krishna enjoyed a lot here. People of Vrindavan come to complain Radha-Rani that people aren’t coming here since Shri Krishna isn’t here hence to bring joy in this place. Radha-Rani assures them of helping.


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