Vighnaharta Ganesh 4th June 2021 Written Episode Update


Vighnaharta Ganesh 4th June 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Vighnaharta Ganesh 4th June 2021 episode starts with Raja comes to the sculptor named Ganpatibhatt’s place hearing his name who had become famous in making Idols of Shri Ganesh. Raja tells him that after hearing your name I have come here to order an idol as per my choice to make which should be ready till Janmashtami. Ganapatibhatt asks him which idol you wish & he tells him that it should be Chatrabhuj Shri Krishna’s idol as per Maharani’s choice & if any mistake done then will be severely punished while he gets scared but his person Sukhiya assures him that it’ll be done & Raja leaves.
Sukhiya alerts Ganapatibhatt that this time do not do any mistake or this Raja is very strict who doesn’t spare anybody & also think about me too who is only child of my parents hence he tells him that now you have promised him so I have to do this job.
Madhav asks Pujari that Sukhiya accepted the job but will Ganapatibhatt do this accordingly & he tells him he tried doing it.
Ganapatibhatt began his work but always Shri Ganesh’s feature got created through his hands hence Sukhiya use to get bugged on him while the final day had arrived for delivery of the idol & it wasn’t ready.
Mushakji tells Ganeshji that he is again doing mistake of wrongly making the idol hence it seems both will get terrible punishment from Raja.
Sukhiya asks him now how will you complete the job when the idol is to be delivered tomorrow & Ganapatibhatt assures him will complete in full night & after completing it in whole night he sleeps for some time while Sukhiya wakes him asking what about the idol & he tells him that its already ready under the covered cloth but tells him to not see now & let it get opened in front of Maharani.
Raja arrives along with Maharani introducing Ganapatibhatt to her & asks him about the idol & opens the covered cloth but finds Shri Ganesh holding flute in his hands in style of Shri Krishna but Raja gets wild on him saying that this isn’t that idol which I had ordered you fool as my order was for Chatrabhuj Shri Krishna’s idol but he pleads him telling that actually my fingers are unable to prepare any other idol & only Shri Ganesh’s idol gets created but Raja gets more wild on him for not performing job properly as per choice of Maharani hence he calls his punisher to punish Ganapatibhatt & he comes having sword in his hands.
Mushakji insists Shri Ganesh to help his devotee from getting punished immediately.
Raja orders his punisher to cut those fingers which can’t make any other idols & he is about to punish Ganapatibhatt but Shri Ganesh uses his powers from the idol showing his brightness affecting everybody’s eyes but Ganapatibhatt can see his Prabhu Shri Ganesh in it while Maharani can see her Prabhu Shri Krishna in it. Raja keeps ordering to punish Ganapatibhatt but in meantime Maharani stops the punisher & tells Raja that he has made the idol accordingly which reflects my Prabhu in it hence he has to be rewarded instead of punishment. Raja asks her how is this possible but she tells him that to see with pure devotion so that you will also see Shri Krishna in it & he too sees the same hence tells Ganapatibhatt that Maharani is happy with your idol hence I reward you this jewellery & he feels delighted about his Prabhu who helped him in this juncture hence also praises his Prabhu Shri Ganesh too.
Ganapatibhatt is watching the idols he had made while Sukhiya asks him what are you watching & he tells him that my Prabhu has helped me hence I feel he should come to meet me.
Shri Ganesh leaves from his place while Mushakji asks him where are you going & he tells him to see idols prepared by my devotee.
Shri Ganesh arrives in form of Brahman at Ganapatibhatt’s work place appreciating the idols while Ganapatibhatt realizes its his Prabhu itself hence he goes to take blessings from him but Brahman appreciates him about his idol & leaves & he thinks where he must have gone but Sukhiya tells him he must be there where people sit under a tree near the temple for meditation.
Ganapatibhatt goes near that place & finds Brahman spreading devotional knowledge to everybody hence he asks him where can I get eternity & he tells him to go to Jagannath Puri temple.
Madhav asks Pujari why he went to Jagannath temple when his Prabhu wasn’t there & he tells him he got his answer over there itself like you & also he donated all his wealth to Sukhiya.
Ganeshji tells Pushpadant that Ganapatibhatt went to Jagannth temple who also became supportive devotee for me.
Ganapatibhatt donates all his work & wealth to Sukhiya & leaves for Jagannath Puri’s journey.


Vighnaharta Ganesh 5th June 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Ganapatibhatt reaches entering Jagannath temple & searches his Prabhu for taking blessings due to crowd but finally finds & gets shocked seeing the idols hence shouts asking who are being established here & where is my Prabhu while all are surprised hearing his voice.


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