Vighnaharta Ganesh 5th July 2021 Written Episode Update


Vighnaharta Ganesh 5th July 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Vighnaharta Ganesh 5th July 2021 episode starts with Karmabai weeping in emotions in front of Prabhu telling him that I know you are eating inspite not so tasty but it’s my mistake because I can’t prepare Khichdi so nice then too to keep my feelings you are doing all this while he explains her that main is your love in this for which you take all the pains for me hence how can I curse your preparation because I find love in this.
The temple’s bell rungs while Subhadra tells Balbhadra that I am tired waiting for brother Kanha wondering where he must be & Prabhu realizes he has to leave hence takes leave from Karmabai telling her his brother & sister are waiting for him but she wonders why he left without washing his hands hence she too follows him towards temple. All this is watched by Madhav hence he too follows to watch of outcome in the temple.
Brahman informs Maharaj’s guards who were trying to take MahaBhog that still Bhog isn’t tasted by Prabhu hence to not to touch hence Maharaj comes inside learning this while Prabhu also arrives in temple.
Subhadra notices Khichdi stuck on his mouth hence asks him where were you while Karmabai & Madhav also arrive in the temple.
Maharaj also noticing Khichdi on Prabhu’s mouth asks people in the temple who has done this giving simple Khichdi to Prabhu while Karmabai hides her hands but his guard notices & informs Maharaj who asks her how you did this & she finally discloses the truth of Prabhu visiting her hut daily to eat this before Mahabhog begins but today it was little late to return for Prabhu & all are laughing on her talks but Madhav proves her right by explaining Maharaj & all about her true love which pulls Prabhu more than such Bhog which is displayed for him & Maharaj realizes whatever Madhav saying is true hence he praises Prabhu Jagannath & declares that till Karmabai’s Khichdi isn’t kept here MahaBhog won’t take place hence Karmabai puts her Bhog by which she gets appreciation of her devotion.
Prabhu tells Subhadra & Balbhadra also to take taste of Khichdi now hence they realize this was his miracle.
Madhav tells Prabhu that you made your devotee famous by this hence also accept my invitation for correcting my mistake.
Ganeshji says this way Karmabai got blessings of appreciation of her devotion towards Prabhu while Jaya tells him to narrate the story of Madhav how he got blessings of property from Prabhu.
Prabhu visits Madhav’s hut while he gives him Poha & milk to eat while they both keep chatting & Prabhu telling him that you’ll also get a property for which the time is nearing & Madhav says who’ll give me anything bit I do not wish anything but your devotion only & tells him to narrate him his childhood mischief’s & Prabhu sitting under the tree is chatting with Madhav telling him about his childhood mischief’s of stealing butter hence he signals him about the fruits on a tree & Madhav asks him that do you wish I should steal those fruits & Prabhu shakes his head so he climbs the tree to pluck the fruits but gets caught by some guards of Maharaj while he is trying to convince them of plucking for Prabhu showing them to Prabhu but Prabhu vanishes & he is shocked.
Jaya asks Ganeshji why Prabhu went away when he itself told him to pluck fruits while he tells her nobody understands the miracle what Prabhu will do hence he made his devotee get caught.
One of the minister informs Maharaj this person was caught red handed plucking the fruits from garden but Maharaj is shocked to see Madhavdas asking him how come he has done this & he is explaining him what all happened with him which was only due to Prabhu Jagannath who told him to do this mistake of stealing which was a mischief Prabhu use to do in his childhood too of stealing butter which all are aware of.
Maharaj realizes & orders his minister to make the garden on Madhavdas’s name but Madhav asks why & he says whatever is here in this world is of Prabhu itself hence you his ultimate devotee will get this part of garden land but he insists to make on Prabhu Jagannath’s name because he is the ultimate who has kept this for everybody & Maharaj praises Madhav.
Prabhu Jagannath ie. Shri Krishna also praises Madhav for becoming his ultimate devotion which he has proved by this.


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