Vighnaharta Ganesh 5th May 2021 Written Episode Update


Vighnaharta Ganesh 5th May 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Vighnaharta Ganesh 5th May 2021 episode starts with women’s asking their mother help for Shri Krishna’s behaviour but she instead tells them that he might leave from here for Radha as she is his ultimate partner. Shri Krishna’s sister Subhadra tells mother to narrate them the importance of Shri Krishna’s birth but her mother asks her Shri Krishna should not know I am detailing them hence Subhadra assures her she’ll keep eye on Shri Krishna & Balaram & if they arrive will let you know.
Subhadra narrates story of Shri Krishna & Radha’s life for which they were born for each other as Gods given gift to this world & Shri Krishna being Prabhu Narayan’s form itself for this world’s well-being. Whenever Shri Krishna wished to go anywhere for world’s betterment she never stopped him from going for his duty or never became hurdle in his life which was ultimate love for each other. Their mother tells them that after Bal-Lila Shri Krishna’s Raas-Lila started.
Shri Krishna & Balaram along with Subhadra were hearing how mother was explaining them & their mother understands Shri Krishna has arrived to see her narrating his story.
They change their form in Lord Jagannath’s image to show them their actual fact while Dev Rishi Narad appreciates their form & also sings prayers for them. Shri Krishna tells Dev Rishi this will lead to create our Lavkik form in this world from Alavkik.
Bhashma tells Madhav that this way Lavkik form was taking place after their Bal-Lila & hence their looks are this way in form of Lord Jagannath. Madhav tells him to keep narrating about this place’s importance because he was getting involved into this knowledge to understand. Bhashma tells him this started due to Raja Indradhun who was very much devoted to Prabhu Vasudeo Shri Krishna.
Raja use to pray daily to his Prabhu for his blessings along with his wife but slowly started feeling depressed why his Prabhu isn’t coming to bless him. He gets advice from his Rishi Bhagirathi whose Prayas was famous to achieve any goals in life.
Rishi advises to keep meditating for Prabhu & he will definitely come to direct him.
Bhashma tells Madhav that Raja got completely devoted to his Prabhu by which he went on getting blessings in his life.
Raja sat for meditation completely while his Prabhu emerges to direct him to move on north direction & ahead will keep directing him what to do next after reaching that place on northern side. Raja leaves for that place along with his whole territory people & after reaching the place he started his meditation for his Prabhu. Shri Hanuman who is under meditation understands & thinks who can it be who is meditating his Prabhu’s name while Shri Hanuman sees his Prabhu’s image.
Ganeshji’s aunt asks him what was the role of Shri Hanumanji & he tells her that he was ultimate devotee of Shri Ram ultimately form of Prabhu Narayan hence he was given job for future of Jagannath Puri’s temple.
Shri Hanuman asks his Prabhu what is this signal for & his Prabhu tells him that this place is my Jagannath Puri which will become Lavkik from Alavkik for which you have the job to intimate Raja Indradhun. Shri Hanuman happily accepts his Prabhu’s orders given.


Vighnaharta Ganesh 6th May 2021 5th May 2021 Written Episode Update Precap : Shri Hanuman advises Raja Indradhun to build Jagannath temple in this place. Raja’s brother requests him he’ll too become part of this job. Raja’s brother goes in jungle for search of Prabhu’s Kund while Prabhu Shri Krishna says he who’ll do his job truly will definitely find my Kund.


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