Vighnaharta Ganesh 5th November 2019 Written Episode Update

Vighnaharta Ganesh Written Updates

Vighnaharta Ganesh 5th November 2019 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Vighnaharta Ganesh 5th November 2019 Episode Start With bhandasoor throws his acquired weapon on air to disturb eye sight of devi’s so they are complaining mata that they can’t see anything & mata helps them with her powers to again make their eyes strong & they start attacking bhandasoors weapon with their weapon but they are unable to destroy so he instigates them saying try by any weapon but you wont succeed while mahadev, Vishnu & all gods are feeling confused so they again shoot their swords towards his weapon but again he says you wont succeed then mata takes back those swords towards her saying their weapons are not failed & she creates one powerful sword chanting mantra & shoots towards bhandasoors weapon destroying it & all are surprised while bhandasoor is shocked saying how come my this weapon got destroyed & all devi’s are praising mata as all gods are seeing very happily.

Bhandasoor says now I will use such weapon which will create darkness in front of you all which will make you unstable & he creates the weapon by bringing darkness & devi’s are shocked seeing this & again he says I will create two more weapons by which all of you will become unstable & he creates by shouting their mantra’s to make them uneasy coughing & feeling pale. Mata sees this happening while ganesh & all gods are also seeing this getting confused.Kartik is telling paravati mata bhandasoor has created his evil acts of weapons to make devi’s uneasy.

Bhandasoor tells mata that now you cannot do anything & mata chants mantra to bring powerful devi to pull all his evil spreaded by him & all devi’s get free while bhandasoor says good you made devi’s free but my another weapon will make your devi’s more & more uneasy as my motive is to make them all unstable & the weapon will also make them old aged so mata tells him if there is problem then there is solution so he tells mata to do your solution & mata chants mantra as devi’s are becoming stable one by one so bhandasoor is surprised. Ganesh also says that now bhandasoor will understand that devi is everywhere who controls by her powers.

Bhandasoor tells mata that you saved them by this unstable condition but you can’t save them by becoming old aged so mata explains him about the soul which has powers to keep body sustained & not the age. Bhandasoor’s that power tries to create old age to devi’s but mata sees & she creates her powers towards that evil power to end with her chakra. All devi’s are freed & evil is killed. All gods are impressed while bhandasoor says my this weapon is also destroyed.

All devi’s are advising bhandasoor saying that to bend towards mata as you have no powers to fight with mata so bhandasoor challenges them I will destroy all your powers & he tries doing so devi’s are affected but mata seeing this tells bhandasoor you are a fool as your this weapon can only get destroyed by chanting “OM” mantra which destroys all evil powers coming towards that person & mata chants mantra then all are freed by bhandasoors evil powers again & bhandasoor is affected. Devi is again telling bhandasoor that your this weapon is also destroyed so he creates more weapons to send towards them as mata sees this & she creates her powerful weapons to destroy those evil weapons. Bhandasoor is shocked seeing his weapons are getting destroyed so he says that now its enough as the war was started by me then I will end this so he calls for yamraj’s weapon & ganesh is shocked saying he has called yamraj while brahmadev is also shocked. Bhandasoor tells mata that now yamraj will kill you all & your weapons too so how will you save from this while ganesh also says that how mata will prevent yamraj’s attacks? Mata saraswati also says what mata will do now?

Yamraj is coming towards mata & her devi’s to attack while all gods are shocked saying finally bhandasoor has used his powers to call yamraj to fight with mata so how mata will prevent need to see. Bhandasoor instigates mata saying this all happens as you mata putting all kind of restrictions on people to lead their life has to be killed one day & the entire world will understand that once mata was also defeated. Ganesh also says that such evil like bhandasoor is ruthless & mata has to do something to get prevented by this as he has no repention on his evils.


Vighnaharta Ganesh 6th November 2019 Written Episode Update Precap : Mata chants mantra of mahadev towards yamraj’s attack & bhandasoor is shocked saying how come mahadev has come in this. Mahadev tells bhandasoor it’s high time now to end evil like you & yamraj bends down towards mahadev.


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