Vighnaharta Ganesh 5th October 2020 Written Episode Update


Vighnaharta Ganesh 5th October 2020 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Vighnaharta Ganesh 5th October 2020 episode starts with person continuously pleading his brother & sister in law for providing grains to prepare food for prabhu but they are refusing but finally his sister in law keeps her condition that if prabhu does not come then you have to leave this house forever & he accepts her condition depressingly while ganesh is watching & sister in law gives handful of grains which makes him foolish but he accepts it & they both leave. The person’s wife asks him what can I prepare in this very little grains & he tells her to prepare butter milk & rice which he loves a lot.
Rishi is instigating king naresh against vinayak continuously giving reasons of vinayak being playing games with him to squeeze this rule & he is getting attracted towards his wicked talks of vinayak.
The person in busy arranging seating place decorating with flowers around & also feeling prabhu arriving so goes out to wait eagerly for vinayak’s arrival while his brother & sister in law come out to see what he is upto & laughing on him.
Rishi instigates king naresh so he decides to tell vinayak to leave after offering him fifty six item bhog of food so that his hospitality fulfills as a guest.
The person is waiting for vinayak wondering why is he not arriving & he understands that he has to perform pooja & sing prayers by which prabhu will get impressed & he runs to start singing prayers in which his wife & brother’s son also join him while his brother & sister in law are surprised.
King naresh goes to meet vinayak for food & to inform him about to leave after completion of food but does not find him in his room so asks guard & he tells him he has gone to meet some known person in kashi village while naresh is surprised who can known person be of vinayak in this kashi so goes to search him.
The person becomes joyful seeing his prabhu arrived & all are shocked to see prabhu vinayak coming to their place & the person lies down to welcome vinayak & also offers seat while tells his wife to bring food which is prepared but tells vinayak I could only make this much which you love also & vinayak calms him saying not to be so worried as this food if far better that the food offered in big palaces while this is heard by king naresh who finds him at the person’s house & thinks I have arranged fifty six item bhog for him & he is eating here this much may be rishiwar is right I guess as he has come here to impress people in kashi to squeeze this rule? so returns back to palace angrily.
Vinayak is eating food happily while all are watching him & the person is appreciating vinayak & also tells prabhu to give prasad by his hands & vinayak gives him & he is also introducing all of them telling vinayak to give them too & also introduces his brother & sister in law as parents place while they feel thinking very shameless about themselves who tortured him so much & could not understand his true devotion towards prabhu but vinayak gives them all prasad by his hands which makes them cry in front of vinayak.
King naresh arrives in palace angrily as rishi sees him & feels his job is done so now everything is in hands of narantak & devantak.
Narantak decides telling devantak that now is the time to attack kashi including child vinayak but their parents come hearing this & they shout them to not to do this which is wrong deed towards god vinayak but they refuse to listen to them & narantak leaves to attack kashi.
The person’s brother is expressing his foolishness to him who never understood true devotion & asks him forgiveness which vinayak is watching smilingly.
Narantak signals war & is challenging king naresh on battlefield while all villagers get the signal & vinayak understands as the person is telling prabhu to go for helping king naresh as he must be requiring him there for his help but king naresh says I am able to face such asoors which I have done several time in the past hence I do not wish anybody’s help which vinayak understands & he says he does not require me now but if he comes praying to me for help then only I’ll leave till time let me enjoy your hospitality here in your house.
King naresh goes with his army to face narantak & both are in their arguments while narantak shows his huge asoor giant to him & all his army run away seeing such huge asoor as king falls alone to face him & narantak gets delighted. King naresh attacks him arrow but narantak holds saying don’t be a fool to attack such stick instead use some powerful weapon or call your child vinayak who is here for your support.

Precap :

Vighnaharta Ganesh 6th October 2020 Written Episode Update Precap : King naresh is getting defeated & injured while his wife pleads vinayak to save king naresh. Narantak about to kill naresh but is saved by powers of vinayak & narantak tells him you are saved by your child vinayak & king naresh is running to pray vinayak understanding his powers & prays doing aarti of vinayak for help.


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