Vighnaharta Ganesh 7th January 2020 Written Episode Update


Vighnaharta Ganesh 7th January 2020 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Vighnaharta Ganesh 7th January 2020 Episode Start With  brahmadev explaining rishi ved vyas that the kind of work you have to do which is very important as you have to create this world in giving knowledge of all types of acts in life to do for humans in political study. To give them knowledge of how to use brains in good deeds also to finish evil in this world & blesses ved vyas by giving knowledge powers in him & ved vyas thanks brahmadev but asks that I have a trouble as who can write my knowledge perfectly in words so brahmadev advises him as ganesh son of mahadev itself who will help you in all ways & will understand you perfectly who has that powers.

Ganesh is talking with mata paravati to please don’t be so stubborn & please provide food & you too eat then mata tells that I won’t eat without kartik then ganesh decides to let’s go & bring him also so that we can eat together & they all fly together.

Rishi ved vyas is meditating for ganesh & ganesh is getting some feeling of someone calling me for help so he tells mata that first I have to go to that person who is calling me for some work then mushakji & rashmiprabha says that not now as we will have food first together then you can proceed & mata also tells him the same but ganesh explains them first I have to see about this world’s safety & well-being & tells mahadev to explain mata so mahadev also explains her that he is going for some big work as he has to write granth for rishi ved vyas to spread knowledge in this world so mata tells ganesh to proceed while we all will go towards kartik & they disburse.

Mahadev, Mata & all reach at kartik’s meditation place while ganesh reaches to ved vyas.
Ved vyas prays ganesh & thanks him for coming & he explains ganesh about maha granth to be written by your hands & he tells rishi that you itself are so big rishi then how can a small person like me will help you then he explains ganesh of writing knowledge in words which you can only perfectly describe in words so ganesh accepts while also is thinking about food in-between. Prabhu parshuram comes to help ganesh giving his material for doing this good work & ganesh thanks parshuram.

A woman comes to give ink help to ganesh telling ganesh that I’ll keep providing you this material always as you need it at times & ved vyas thanks her including ganesh too.
Ganesh tells ved vyas that I’ll write this granth on one point that unless I do not understand the meaning of your words & if you stop anywhere then I will stop writing so ved vyas accepts his point & tells him I will keep explaining & describing you as per your wish.

Nandi is asking mata paravati why kartik is meditating this way then she explains him of past when kartik had met brahmadev.Kartik prays brahmadev while he was walking but he does not stop & moves ahead then kartik gets bugged & moves fast to stop brahmadev & he asks him to explain meaning of word Pranav & brahmadev explains him the meaning & gives answer as the word became as “Om” then kartik tells brahmadev that you explained only word “Om” but not Pranav so I feel your books are not in safe hands hence I’ll block you here till then I’ll take care of your place & blocks brahmadev so nandi asks mata how could he do this to brahmadev & mata tells him unless he did not get his correct answer he had to do this.

Brahmadev says kartik did not do good but now only mahadev can help me & he sits for meditation in front of kartik.Ganesh tells ved vyas that I am ready to start writing & he too sits for saying words from him mouth.


Vighnaharta Ganesh 8th January 2020 Written Episode Update Precap :Ganesh keeps writing while ved vyas is describing in words & all gods are surprised & shocked to see like it’s some competition going on. Ganesh stops saying that I had told you rishivar if you stop describing then I’ll stop writing.


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