Vikram Maya’s bitter past of 10 years ago


Vikram Maya’s bitter past of 10 years ago post MJ killed Manvi

Sony TV Serial Beyhadh 2 is seeing intense drama in the love and revenge story.Suddenly out of the blue, Maya’s husband has made his entry in Maya’s life.After one year leap in the story of Beyhadh 2, Vikram (Ankit Siwach) makes his entry claiming his husband relation with Maya while Maya lost her memory and is disabled with legs.

The full story behind Maya and Vikram’s relation is that they have a bitter past of 10 years ago.After how MJ killed Manvi, Vikram saved Maya where they both had a past but the things didn’t turn out well.Now when Maya is left alone once again, Vikram is back to settle scores with her.

Maya is quarantined by psycho Vikram who states himself and Maya’s husband.Maya gets scared when she wakes up and finds herself with Vikram.Maya is seen disabled where Vikram turns her walking stick.Vikram reveals that he is her husband and shows their morphed marriage photo of togetherness.

Maya fails to recall anything and looks confused.Psycho Vikram is all set to make Maya’s life hell where the master mind behind this trap will soon be revealed.MJ is the real master mind who keeps Maya quarantined using evil Vikram.

Let’s see how Vikram is going to make it hard for Maya to survive and if Maya will revive her lost memory and fight back bravely.

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