Woh Toh Hai Albela 13th September 2022 Written Episode Update


Woh Toh Hai Albela 13th September 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on teleserialupdates.com

Woh Toh Hai Albela 13th September 2022 Sayuri rushes to kitchen and apologizes Saroj and Kusum for being late. Kusum says its okay as she was working on a laptop. Saroj taunts Sayuri that household work is a work of illiterate women like us, Sayuri can do business and teach students.

Saroj promises to never be late. Kusum says Sayuri is working hard at both business end and household chores, so she can skip household chores. Saroj taunts that Sayuri can teach conspiracies and snatching one’s rights to her students.

Kusum asks what is she saying. Saroj accuses that Sayuri wants to snatch their business and house as she had sought Dhanraj’s right from Sayuri’s father long ago. She continues spilling out her venom towards Suyuri.

Kanha discusses his business reviving plan with Dhanraj and says Sayuri helped him prepare it. Dhanraj discusses about Saroj’s atrocities on Sayuri and asks him to support only the truth. He says he doesn’t stop Saroj because of his love for her, similarly Kanha should support his wife.

Saroj starts accusing whole Sharma family of conspiracies and trying to snatch other’s rights. Kusum says they are not like that. Saroj continues. Sayuri requests her to verbally abuse her but spare her family. Saroj notices Rashmi coming and changes her tone suddenly. She cries and asks Sayuri to stop being rude to her as she was just giving a suggestion.

Sayuri shocked with Saroj’s sudden change in behavior and asks what is she up to. Rashmi from behind asks Sayuri why is she being so rude to Saroj. Sayuri says she is misunderstanding her.

Rashmi says whatever the issue is, she can’t speak rudely to Saroj. Saroj continues her drama and victim play, leaving Sayuri in shock. Rashmi asks Sayuri to go from there and let her help Saroj and Kusum. Sayuri leaves crying. Kusum stands a silent spectactor.

Kanha notices Sayuri crying and questions her. Sayuri pours her heart out and describes how Saroj played a game in front of Rashmi to create differences between them. Kanha asks her not to bother what Saroj thinks and concentrate on their business as it needs her attention the most.

Rashmi walks to them. Kanha says she should trust her sister as she is with her since childhood and not trust anyone including him. Once he leaves, Rashmi cries that Sayuri complained Kanha and manipulated him. Sayuri tries to explain her, but Rashmi blindfolded by Saroj’s fake lies refuses to believe Sayuri and continues to support Saroj and fight with her.

She warns Sayuri to behave with Saroj and stop provoking Kanha against Saroj or else soon the whole house will be divided. Sayuri asks her to leave if she doesn’t trust her. Rashmi leaves crying. Indu drops Sayuri and Rashmi’s photofram and gets worried fearing of an abshagun.

Saroj gives prasad to Kanha, tries to provoke him against Sayuri, and offers him malpua. Kanha says he cannot have sweets when his wife is crying and walks away. Saroj thinks Sayuri brainwashed Kanha against her, but she knows what to do. Saroj hires Ganeshji’s idol make to prepare idol for Ganesh chaturti.

Dhanraj walks to her. Saroj desires to get the pooja done by Rashmi and Nakul this time. Dhanraj says Sayuri and Kanha will perform pooja, let Rashmi and Nakul perform pooja after their marriage. Saroj says he is opposing her even in god’s matter. Dhanraj says she is involving god in her conspiracies and warns her to stop her evilness.


Woh Toh Hai Albela 14th September 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Sayuri in her dream pleads Rashmi not to leave her alone. Rashmi says she deserves to be alone. Bhanu says Saroj has brainwashed Rashmi. Rashmi warns Indu and Bhanu to stop badmouthing about Saroj.


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