Woh Toh Hai Albela 28th September 2022 Written Episode Update


Woh Toh Hai Albela 28th September 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on teleserialupdates.com

Woh Toh Hai Albela 28th September 2022 Kanha realizes that that there was a tiles tempo when Sayuri stumbled and says he should have sent that consignment to client via Nakul. Sayuri says those tiles are broken. Kanha asks how as they worked whole night on them. Saroj hears their conversation and recalls breaking them. Sayuri recalls Saroj’s changing behavior and says she mistakenly broke the tiles.

Kanha asks her not to lie. Sayuri says when she stumbled, she fell on tiles and broke them all by mistake. Kanha asks what will they answer client now. He gets client’s call who informs that boss is coming after a week to check samples. He happily informs Sayuri about it and says now they have a whole week to prepare sample order. Sayuri thanks god and says their family’s reputation won’t be tarnished now.

Saroj gets emotional hearing Sayuri and walks in with juice for Sayuri. Sayui gets extremely emotional and says this was the best juice she had in her life. Saroj says a woman’s life becomes meaningful when she becomes a mother and completes when she becomes a grandmother, she is super elated to become a grandmother because of Sayuri.

She gifts a leaf with maa/mother written on it to Sayuri and asks her to call her maa from hereon. Sayuri cries happily and hugs Saroj. Kanha feels happily seeing their bonding.

Indu and Bhanu prepare laddus for Sayuri and discuss that its very healthy for a mother and her baby. Rashmi says she will go and give it to Sayuri. Indu says she shouldn’t go there now as Saroj must have already prepared series of sweets for Sayuri and suggests her not to visit Chaudhrys until her marriage.

Rashmi gets frustrated hearing that and argues with them. Bhanu explains how society badmouths when a girl visits her inlaws often before marriage. Rashmi insults Bhanu. Indu warns her to behave well with her grandma. Rashmi continues her arrogancy and challenges them to visit Chaudhry’s at any cost and will not follow Indu and Bhanu’s orders.

Dhanraj and Tej notice Kanha’s nervousness after hearing about baby’s news and says explain that every new father experiences it since decades and even they had gone through. Sayuri prepares tea for family. Kusum and Nakul stop her from working and asks her to rest. Saroj gets and call and says baby brought a series of good news in their lives,

Gayatri is coming with her son Rishi to see Kusum again. Whole family feels uncomfortable. Saroj says she already enquired about Gayatri’s family and they are well culured people, there is nothing harm in meeting Rishi, who knows his thinking is different that his parents. Dhanraj backs her and tells Kusum to take a decision after meeting Rishi. Saroj brings pure ghee halwa for Sayuri and feeds her. Sayuri calling her maa says she can’t withstand ghee smell.
Saroj says she needs to have it for her baby’s sake.

Rashmi enters and is shocked to hear Sayuri calling Saroj as maa. Saroj says just like she would be Rashmi’s mother after her marriage with Nakul, she is already Sayuri’s mother. Rashmi feels jealous of Sayuri.

Saroj gives kitchen task to Rashmi which she conveniently tries to dump on Sayuri. Sayuri happily agrees to help her. Saroj hearing that scolds Rashmi not to dump her work on Sayuri always and expect that Rashmi will handle her chores by herself in the future. Rashmi nods yes, but once Saroj leaves, vents out her frustration on Sayuri.


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