Woh Toh Hai Albela 6th June 2022 Written Episode Update


Woh Toh Hai Albela 6th June 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on teleserialupdates.com

Woh Toh Hai Albela 6th June 2022 Kanha drops Anjali to her home and asks if she is feeling better now. She nods yes and asks if he is not coming in. He says he needs to buy medicine for Sayuri.

Anjali taunts him that he can buy medicine after 30 minutes as she needs to speak something important to him. Kanha agrees. Anjali messages Kusum. Kusum reads Anjali’s message and informs Saroj that Kanha is with Anjali.

Saroj gets happy hearing that and says though she has issues with Kanha, she cannot let him waste his time with the inauspicious and unlucky Sauryi and hopes Anjali will replace Sayuri soon.

Sayuri hearing their conversation thinks they are angry on her, she needs tea, but cannot go down and face them, so shall she wait for Kanha and Nakul to return home.

Anjali brings cake to celebrate her first meeting with Kanha. Kanha asks her to forget him and their first meeting. She asks how can she and says its just a small cake. He says he is getting late.

She asks if he informed her before taking a biggest decision of his life. Kanha says he never liked it before and even now, its her who used to celebrate it. She says nothing has changed and applies cream on his face and tries to hug him.

He pushes her away and drops cake by mistake. He then tells her that he is married now. She says he married due to the unforeseen situation and asks if he will end their love for his forced marriage with Sayuri.

He says never loved her the way she loves him and tries to leave asking her to forget whatever happened between them. Anjali asks if he loves Sayuri now. He stands speechless. Anjali says he is not denying immediately like he denied to love he and refuses to let him go. Kanha leaves with her words echoing in his ears.

Sayuri feels refreshed having tea at a tea stalll . Kanha comes there and thinks of queestning her why she is having tea there, but stops recalling Saroj destroying Sayuri’s kitchen. He apologizes for not keeping his promise.

Sayuri laughs seeing cake cream on his face. Kanha feels irriated and wipes it off. Sayuri continues to laugh. He plays with her, but they both get conscious realizing they are outdoor. He enjoys tea with her.

Saroj gives money to an ailing child’s mother and gets angry seeing Sayuri and Kanha enjoying tea together at a tea stall. She walks inside the house fuming. Dhanraj informs that he got a big business order. Saroj and Kusum feel happy hearing that and thank God. Saroj expersses her wish to perform pooja at their shop. Dhanraj agrees and says Sauri and Kanha will sit for the pooja this time as a couple. Kusum and Saroj opose his decision, but Dhanraj gets adamant.

Eve teasers tease Sayuri. Kanha walks to her and informs her that Dhanraj has arranged a pooja at the shop and wants them to sit in the pooja as a couple. Sayuri agrees. He sends her home and warns the goons to dare not trouble Sayuri again.

Sayuri notices Nakul and Rashmi sitting cozily in a bike and gets tensed fearing Saroj may watch them. She honks the car and alerts them. Saroj frowns hearing horn sound. Sayuri apologizes Sayuri. Nakul leaves. Sayuri warns Rashmi to be careful as her closeness with Nakul may be misunderstood. Rashmi nods yes and walks home looking nervous.


Woh Toh Hai Albela 7th June 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Kanha gifts a sari to Saryi. Sayuri waear it and walks towards him. Her sari pallu gets stuck between the boxes. Kanha notices boxes falling on her and pushes her away. Boxes fall on him. Family gets worried for him.


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