Yeh Hai Chahatein 12th August 2022 Written Episode Update


Yeh Hai Chahatein 12th August 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Yeh Hai Chahatein 12th August 2022 Roohi hugs Rudra/Prem gardener and murmurs in his ears that she is fine and is acting. Doctor says Roohi needs rest. Pihu takes Roohi to a room. Rudra relaxes learning that Roohi is fine.

Preesha asks if Roohi is fine. Doctor says Roohi has internal brain injury and needs rest or else her situation may woren, so they should keep Roohi at her house for some time. Armaan asks why would Roohi stay in his house. Doctor says if its his house, he has to keep Roohi here for some time.

Armaan says Roohi is acting and its Rudra’s plan to keep his children here. Preesha asks how can he think like that, she can understand Roohi’s condition as she also has lost her memory and is going though mental agony trying to remember her family details. She verdicts that Roohi will stay here till she gets well.

Saransh says even he wants to stay with Roohi to take care of her as he is taking care of her after their mamma left. Preesha agrees to let him stay with Roohi. Rudra thinks his both children are more intelligent than him.

Sharda says Roohi will not stay here as Saransh wouldn’t agree to let his children stay there. Saransh says he will call Rudra and convince her. Sharda refuses and says Rudra wouldn’t agree especially after the recent feud between him and Preesha. Preesha says they should worry about Roohi’s health, so she will meet Rudra and convince him.

Rudra gets tensed hearing that. Saransh says he will speak to Rudra and if not Sharda will. Sharda says she will. Preesha insists that she will speak to Rudra as Roohi is like her daughter and calls her mamma like mamma.

Armaan reminds Preesha that she gets panic attack seeing Rudra, so she should let Sharda and Saransh speak. Preesha asks him not to interfere as Roohi is like her daughter. Armaan agrees and says even he will accompany her. Saransh and Sharda get tensed thinking how will Rudra be at both Khurana and Thakur mansions.

Roohi demands to meet papa/Prem/Rudra. Pihu says her papa will come soon. Prem walks in. Roohi runs and hugs him calling him papa. Prem asks tells Pihu that she can go as he will handle Roohi like his other kids. Pihu leaves. Prem locks door and praises Roohi for her plan. He asks how will he manage at both places.

Roohi calls Vidyut and tells him that Preesha is coming to meet Rudra at Khurana house, so Vidyut should come here with Rudra’s clothes and replace him as gardener till Rudra returns. Rudra praises her idea.

Roohi messages Saransh about her plan. Saransh informs Sharda that Roohi handled the issue. Vidyut reaches Prem’s servant quarter via window. Rudra changes his clothes to his normal self, and Vidyut disguises himself as gardener. Rudra walks out via window. Roohi teaches Vidyut how to act like an old gardener.

Rudra tries to get out of the house and hides seeing Sharda, Saransh, Preesha, and Armaan near car. Preesha says she and Armaan will come in one car and Saransh/Sharda should come in another car. Rudra thinks how to get out now.


Yeh Hai Chahatein 13th August 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Rudra gets stuck in traffic. Preesha reaches Khurana mansion and gets a flashback of the house. Armaan fears Preesha may get back her memory seeing the house. Preesha asks Saransh about Rudra. Saransh says he is in his room. She reaches Rudra’s room.


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