Yeh Hai Chahatein 13th September 2022 Written Episode Update


Yeh Hai Chahatein 13th September 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Yeh Hai Chahatein 13th September 2022 Rudra informs Pihu that Armaan is giving Preesha memory erasing medicines to erase her memory. Pihu is shocked to hear that. Rudra says Preesha loves him and his children more than herself and when he went in front other, she had a panic attack.

Pihu refuses to believe that her brother is wrong. Roohi says she herself saw Armaan mixing medicines in Preesha’s water. Rudra says his children don’t lie, they don’t have to sacrifice luxurious life at home and stay like servants here; says he shifted her disguised as a gardener and is trying to revive Preesha’s memory.

Pihu says heart brain and heart differ their opinion and she wants Rudra to prove that he truly loves Preesha. Rudra says he is here with his whole family, this is the biggest proof of his truth;

he will do anything to prove his love for Preesha if Pihu helps her as she also doesn’t like Preesha to live a life of deceit. Pihu agrees to help him and says she wants herself and Preesha to know the truth.

Pihu closes door and asks Rudra’s plan to revive Preesha’s memory and they should execute their plan before Armaan is out of jail in a day. Rudra says they will rereacte anniversary party memory with everything same as before. Sharda says that would be a good idea.

Rudra says she has to bring Preesha to Khurana house. Pihu asks how can she when Armaan is in jail and Digvijay wouldn’t allow her go out. Rudra says they can organize Raj and Pihu’s music launch party, he feels that Raj and Pihu make a good singing pair and he already spoke to K music company to launch even Pihu along with Raj.

Pihu says if that happens, her family will not stop her as its a question of her career. Rudra says he will make Raj inform her about the contract and party when Preesha is around her, Preesha will encourage her to attend party, she can reveal Preesha at the end moment that party is at Khurana house.

After sometime, Raj calls Pihu. Pihu acts as ignoring Raj’s call. Preesha asks her pick the call. Raj thanks Pihu for supporting his family. Sharda aks Pihu to go ahead with her plan. Pihu switches on speaker. Raj says they both have been selected for a duet song by K Music company.

Pihu acts as feeling super excited. Preesha supports her. Raj says there is a launch party which Rudra is hosting on behalf of K music company and he wants her to bring someone along with her. Pihu insists Preesha to accompany her. Preesha agrees. Raj thanks Preesha for supporting Pihu and says party is at Khurana house.

Preesha refuses to visit Khurana house. Rudra hopes Preesha agrees. Pihu acts and says she will also not attend party if its a Khurana house. Raj asks her not to lose a big chance and just attend the party as if its in some other venue. Preesha agrees to accompany Pihu. Pihu thanks Preesha. Raj and Sharda rejoice hearing that.

Pihu gifts a red sari to Preesha to wear during party and asks if red is her favorite color. Preesha recalls Rudra gifting her red sari and expressing his love for her. She kisses him. Main Jitna Tumhe Dekhoon Mann Ye Na Bhare.. song plays in the background. They both express their love for each other.


Yeh Hai Chahatein 14th September 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Digvijay questions Pihu where are she and Preesha going. Pihu says to the lunch party thrown by Rudra. Armaan asks Digvijay to attend party and make sure Rudra doesn’t get near Preesha or try to revive her memory. Rudra sings his one-time wonder song during party and expresses his love for Preesha. Preesha says I love you too.


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