Yeh Hai Chahatein 15th October 2020 Written Episode Update


Yeh Hai Chahatein 15th October 2020 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Yeh Hai Chahatein 15th October 2020 A lady singer Kriti meets Rudra’s family and informs Rudra that if he agrees for a musical tour with her, she will help him lift his singing ban. Balraj asks how to believe her. She says she is minister’s daughter and its easy for her. Rudra asks if she is minister’s daughter, then why she needs him to tour with her. She says he is a rockstar and she admires his success, even her father will not say anything if he accompanies her. She tells Balraj that he made Rudra a rockstar and hopes he makes her also a superstar. Balraj agrees and says he will make her a superstar like Rudra if she helps him lift Rudra’s singing ban. Rudra shakes hand saying its a deal. She hugs him happily. Rudra looks at Preesha. Preesha feels angry. Ahana and Mishka smirk at Preesha. Kriti apologizes Rudra saying she is not like his lady fans who try to hug him unnecessarily, she respects her and Preesha’s relationship and is a big fan of them, in fact they both are known as Rusha in fan circle.

Neerja tries to open Rahul’s drawer when Rahul walks in and she moves away. He tries to open his drawer when she asks if he needs coffee. He says okay. She asks him to come along and she will ask maids to prepare coffee. He asks her to go, he will come later. She reminisce taking a similar broken tab from technician to replace it with Rahul’s tab till he recovers data from Rahul’s tab.

Ahuja informs that tour will start tomorrow, so Rudra’s singing ban should be lifted by tomorrow morning. Kriti says it will be lifted tonight itself and walks away. Balraj says he will guide Rudra and accompany him. Ahuja suggests not to accompany Rudra directly as his image is already tarnished after award function and to wait until Rudra’s image is rectified. He suggests to let Preesha accompany Rudra as fans love them and once tour is successful, people will forget everything. Balraj shouts first, but agrees.

Yuvraj comes to meet Rahul. Rahul informs him that he will get tour contract from Ahuja. Neerja sees maid carrying coffee for them and asks if someone came. Maid informs Yuvraj came. She takes coffee tray and walks toward living room and stands aside hearing their conversation. Rahul calls Ahuja and asks when will he meet him with contract. Ahuja informs that Rudra is the lead singer as his ban will be lifted tonight, so he can send junior singers if he agrees. Rahul shouts, and Ahuja disconnects call. Yuvraj notices Neerja standing and alerts Rahul. Neerja gives them coffee and leaves. At night, during dinner Yuvraj informs Rahul that he should keep a tab on his wife as she is passing on information to Preesha. Rahul doesn’t believe him and shows tab from his drawer. Yuvraj thinks Rahul is blinding in wife’s love, but he will prove that Rahul’s wife is wrong.

At night, Rudra and whole family eagerly wait for ban to be lifted. Kriti walks in with orders. Rudra happily hugs her and introduces her to Sharda. Sharda also hugs and thanks her. Kriti thinks Sharda forgot her, but she didn’t and will take revenge. Rahul asks Kriti to accompany him to his room to pack bags and discuss songs. Preesha feels embarrassed. Saransh walks in. Preesha informs him that they are going on a music tour. Saransh identifies Kriti and greeting her says he has online classes. She says online classes can happen anywhere and they will enjoy after online classes. After sometime, Preesha searches Rudra. Ahana informs that he went out with Kriti. Preesha thinks she cannot handle it anymore. Neerja calls her and informs that she will get original video from Rahul’s tab in 2 days. Preesha informs that she is leaving for musical tour tomorrow. Neerja says she will ask technician to recover data by tomorrow. She calls technician and requests to recover in a pendrive by tomorrow. Yuvraj hears her and thinks he will not let her give pen drive to Preesha.


Yeh Hai Chahatein 16th October 2020 Written Episode Update Precap :Kriti slips while stepping into Rudra’s vanity van.
Rudra lifts her and takes her in. Preesha stands embarrassed. Neerja waits in car for Preesha to handover her pendrive when Yuvraj rams his car at her car repeatedly injuring her severely.


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