Yeh Hai Chahatein 17th August 2022 Written Episode Update


Yeh Hai Chahatein 17th August 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Yeh Hai Chahatein 17th August 2022 Preesha agrees to take Roohi out to have ice cream. Prem/Rudra walks to them. Roohi says Preesha is taking her out for ice cream and insists him to accompany them. Prem acts as hesitating.

Preesha invites him. He agrees. Digvijay notices Preesha driving car away with Roohi, Saransh, and Prem. They reach ice cream shop. Roohi asks Prem to share his ice cream. Prem in lieu of giving her ice cream acts as slipping and dropping ice cream on Preesha’s nose.

Preesha recalls enjoying ice cream with Rudra and says she feels it happened before with her. Saransh says he and Roohi smear ice cream on their noses every time. Tu Meri Zarurat hai.. song plays in the background.

Preesha gets a flashback again and says she feels this happened with her before. Saransh asks her not to think much. Prem offers her water to wash her face. She does. Some water falls on his beard and he wipes it.

Fake beard moves out of its place. Roohi notices that and asks Prem to lift her up as she is feeling sleepy. Prem does. Roohi says his fake beard was out of the place and fixes it. Prem says she is a cute kid and tells Preesha they should return home now.

Next morning, Digvijay informs Armaan about Preesha taking Roohi and others out and says he can’t understand why Roohi is staying here and calling old gardener as her papa. Armaan says its Rudra’s conspiracy to send Roohi and Prem gardener here, so he will threaten Prem and force him to reveal about Rudra’s conspiracy. Rudra, Saransh,

and Roohi rejoice after their first successful attempt at trying to revive Preesha’s memory. Roohi discusses the past incident where she is unable to pee and asks Preesha to sing outside the bathroom till she gets some pressure.

Preesha sings really badly. Rudra supports Preesha and sings Tu Jo Milaa. song. Roohi thanks Rudra. Rudra says the winner is. Preesha khurana’s husband Rudraksh Khurana. Rudra gets lost in his past. Saransh says concentrate on the present and not past.

Pihu teaches dance to Raj. Raj hits his leg on her by mistake and apologizes. She says she is fine and says lets practice again. Raj asks if she is sure. Vidyut says he will dance with Pihu and show Raj how to dance.

Pihu asks why would he do that. Vidyut says he is doing it for Rudra as audience will watch Raj as Rudra’s student and he doesn’t want them to be disappointed, he will learn the dance steps and teach it to Raj Pihu agrees and dances with him on Ishq Wala Love..

song. Raj silently watches them. Pihu part ways getting conscious. Vidyut says steps are easy, he can easily learn them. Raj walks away feeling jealous. Pihu notices him missing and goes behind him. Vidyut smirks.

Prem walks to Preesha and says Roohi needs her help. Roohi acts as having trouble in using bathroom and wants Prem to sing till she is freed. Prem says he will sing less and cough more and sings a song in a hoarse voice.

Roohi asks him not to sing and asks Preesha to sing. Preesha says even she sings really bad. Roohi says she will sing better than papa and asks her to try once. Preesha agrees and sings Mai Tenu Samjhawa Ki.. song really bad. Rudra holds his ears and thinks she sings really bad even now. Roohi says if she sings like this, she won’t be able to pee.


Yeh Hai Chahatein 18th August 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Prem follows Armaan and notices him with Vidyut. He informs Preesha about it and questions Prem that he is fooling them.


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