Yeh Hai Chahatein 18th May 2021 Written Episode Update


Yeh Hai Chahatein 18th May 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Yeh Hai Chahatein 18th May 2021 Rudra sees Preesha crying and asks reason. Preesha says she had gone to Sarnash and he told he doesn’t want to speak to her and would stay with amma/Vasu. He says its okay. She says she shoudl have gone yesterday to pick him up. He says everything will be alright. She says nothing is alright, and since Sunny’s arrival, everything is spoiling; Saransh is getting insecure because of Sunny and situation is getting out of control; if they did wrong by adopting Sunny. He hugs and consoles her. Sunny hears their conversation and thinks now issue is pointing at him and if he is caught, Yuvraj’s plan will fail, so he should inform Yuvraj about it. Rudra makes Preesha sit and says siblings fight and its their love. Preesha says its not Sunny and Saransh’s sibling love. Sunny says kids eat together and fight, they both as parents will handle kids and everything will be alright.

Sharda and Vasu ask why did he tell Preesha mamma that he hates her. He says he did not mean that and just wanted to hurt mamma like she is hurting him by paying attention to only Sunny. Vasu says he is a good boy and when he cannot see tears in his mamma’s eyes, then why did he make her cry. Sharda says if he has any problem with mamma, he should speak to her and shouldn’t misbehave with her. Vasu tells her that once Preesha told that she loves Saransh the most and he is his mamma’s most loved kid. Saransh says mamma loves Sunny and not him as she didn’t pick him to take care of Sunny, she doesn’t love him. Vasu says he is not understanding at all. He says they are not understanding him instead and are taking mamma’s side, he doesnt’ want to talk to them. Vasu says tells Sharda that situation is getting out of control each day. Saransh thinks Sunny is creating problems and acts oversmart, now he will tackle him.

Sunny rushes to Yuvraj when he is chilling with his team and informs that Preesha was speaking against him to Rudra and he thinks Rudra will kick him out. Yuvraj says Preesha is a devi and will protect him. Mishka says Preesha is protecting her husband’s illegitimate child instead. Sulochana also assures that they are there to protect him if something happens and asks him to go and rest. Sunny walks to his room and sees Saransh spoiling his stuff with red paint. He shouts what is he doing. Saransh says spoiling his stuff like he spoils his and threatens him to run away. Sunny runs away afraid.

Preesha tells Rudra that her kid is very upset and she needs to speak to him. He says she should wait till he calms down. She says she doesn’t mind and walks away without listening to him. Sunny throws banana skin in Saransh’s way to make him fall as a revenge and lies that Daadi is calling Saransh. Saransh thinks Sunny must have complained against him and walks towards banana skin. Sunny records video to viral it when Preesha steps on banana skin and falls on her face. Sunny gets tensed thinking if he is caught, Rudra will definitely kick him out of house. Saransh rushes to Preesha concerned and panics seeing her forehead bleeding. Family also rushes to her and insists to take her to hospital. Rudra sees banana skin on ground. Sharda says he will question resort staff. Family takes Preesha in to bandage her. Yuvraj notices Sunny hiding and asks if he did this. Sunny accepts and explains what he wanted to. Yuvraj asks him not to repeat his act, it good that only he saw him hiding.

Family rushes Preesha to her room, and Rudra applies bandage on her forehead while Saransh cries hugging her. Sulochana and her team frown seeing Saransh’s change of mind. Preesha asks him not to cry as god punished her for hurting her son. Saransh says he hurt her instead by asking her not to come near him, but he cannot live without her and he feels lonely. Preesha pampers him and says she will never leave him alone, says she wanted to show him how much Sunny is feeling alone as his mother went to god, hence she was caring Sunny. Saransh asks why didn’t she inform him this before. She says she wanted to, but he didn’t allow her. He says she taught him to listen first, but he didn’t. She says he thought that she loves Sunny more and didn’t speak to her for 2 days. Rudra says his mamma didn’t sleep for 2 days because of Saransh. Saransh apologizes and says she is world’s best mamma. Preesha hugs him followed by Rudra and they hug even Sunny. Sulochana acts that she feels so good today. Sharda takes Sunny along to give him milk shake and give mother and son some space.

Sulochana fumes on Preesha in front of her team and shouts that Preesha spoils all their plans always. Mishka yells Saransh has split personality that he was shouting he hates mamma and then was crying for her. Kabir asks who threw banana skin on road. Yuvraj says Sunny did. Sulochana scolds Sunny. Sunny says he threw it for Saransh as he spoilt his stuff, but Preesha fell instead. Mishka asks what should they next. Yuvraj says he knows what to do next.


Yeh Hai Chahatein 19th May 2021 18th May 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Sulochana shows Sunny’s letter to Rudra and says Sunny left home. Whole family concerned searches Sunny. Sonia calls Rudra and acts as getting lost in jungle while trying to search Sunny.


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