Yeh Hai Chahatein 19th August 2020 Written Episode Update


Yeh Hai Chahatein 19th August 2020 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Yeh Hai Chahatein 19th August 2020 Episode starts with Rudra getting angry. Prisha calms him down. He says mum stopped me. She says things won’t get fine in one day, don’t worry, just focus on your school. Rudra says I forgot to get login id and password. She asks him to sleep, she will message and get it. She says I will wake you up in the morning. He asks am I a kid, no need to wake me up, I have put three alarm clocks. She asks him to sleep over alarm clocks. She goes. He says I will get ready before Saransh.

Yuvraj comes to meet Vasu. She asks him to come and have food. He gives her sweets. He says bless me, I got a new job, isn’t it a good news. She says congrats. Gopal asks who gave you the job. Vasu asks what is he saying. Yuvraj says I know Appa loves me a lot, so he worries for me, I told them everything, no one was hiring me, I met Mr. Arora of Magnum music company, he hired me. Gopal turns away.

Mishka comes and changes the alarm time. She asks Rudra to keep sleeping. She takes his phone and switches off the alarm. She goes and tells everything to Ahana. She says Rudra won’t wake up to attend call, he will be out of the school. Ahana laughs. Prisha wakes up Saransh and makes him ready. She goes to see Rudra. Ahana says we will get a call that Rudra didn’t attend class, he will be out of class. Balraj comes and asks for Sharda. He says I didn’t get coffee since morning. Ahana says I will give you a good news, its Rudra’s first day of school, he will be fired, then your stress will be over. He asks how will this happen. She says let me tell you. Prisha sees Rudra sleeping and asks him to wake up. Ahana gets a call. She asks what, are you sure. Balraj asks what happened. Ahana says this is absurd, principal said Rudra has logged in. Mishka says that’s not possible. Ahana says we will check. Balraj says I will come along and see. They see Rudra attending the class.

Rudra thanks Prisha for saving him. He recalls Prisha putting water on Rudra and waking him up. She says just 2 mins left for the class, freshen up and come. She logs in and asks him to come fast. Rudra sits and says present Madam. Prisha asks why didn’t you wake up. Rudra says alarms didn’t ring, my phone was switched off, thanks for saving me. Ahana says I m going to kill her, she will ruin us. Balraj thinks I will ruin her by doing something big, that her pride will be destroyed. He goes. Prisha goes to Ahana and argues. They hear teacher shouting on Rudra. They rush to see. Rudra says it was an imp call, how can I avoid. Teacher asks him to leave the school if he can’t obey the rules. Prisha says he didn’t join to leave, he won’t make the mistake again. Teacher asks where is his uniform. He asks what. Prisha says we got admission two days back, we couldn’t arrange it. He asks am I a kid. Teacher says rules are rules, its compulsory. Prisha says he will wear uniform tomorrow. Teacher says fine. Rudra asks are you mad. Ahana smiles. He asks Ahana what’s all this. Ahana says I m the trustee, the school isn’t mine, I can’t do anything. Prisha asks him to focus on class. Ahana and Mishka go after Prisha.

Prisha says Rudra has to follow the rules. Mishka says his profession is imp. Prisha says he can finish class and give time to his profession, it will be tough for him, but I m with him, he will manage. Ahana and Mishka get angry. Gopal asks Vasu to have uttapa. Yuvraj comes and gets prasad. He says its my first day of job today. She wishes him all the best. Yuvraj says you are making uttapa, I m hungry, shall I have breakfast. Vasu says yes sit. Gopal asks her to let him go. Yuvraj says I will have it, you used to make uttapa for Saransh. Vasu says yes, don’t know when will he come, he got admission in old school, Rudra did it. Yuvraj says maybe he gave donation. Gopal says he is inspiration, he took admission there for his admission.

Yuvraj asks what. Vasu says he left studies to become a singer, he took admission to study in 8th grade to complete school policies, parents should be educated. Yuvraj laughs and says it means Rudra is a rockstar, he didn’t even pass 10th, unbelievable. Gopal says even I couldn’t believe it. Yuvraj thinks Rahul will be happy knowing this news. Prisha looks for Sharda. She goes to room. She sees Sharda crying. Sharda says I m better now. Prisha asks what’s the matter. Sharda says no. Prisha asks are you hiding something. Sharda says no. She recalls Balraj beating her in anger. Prisha asks did Balraj say something. She thinks why is she silent and not saying anything.


Yeh Hai Chahatein 20th August 2020 Written Episode Update Precap :Sharda says if we can get a cloth, we can stitch uniform. Rudra wears the uniform. Ahana asks how did you arrange it. Balraj says your image is getting ruined. Ahana goes and cuts the uniform shirt. Rudra gets shocked seeing it and thinks how will I attend the class now.


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