Yeh Hai Chahatein 1st September 2022 Written Episode Update


Yeh Hai Chahatein 1st September 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Yeh Hai Chahatein 1st September 2022 Aryan thinks how can a gardener Prem revived a dead plant. He stops at garbage cans and finds Kanchan’s ordered dead plant in a garbage can.

He realizes that Prem replaced dead plant with a new one and thinks how did he get money to buy such an expensive plant. He notices florist’s address and thinks of questioning him. Pihu calls Raj and asks how is his condition.

Raj feels frustrated unable to speak and throws his phone away. Pihu apologizes him for his condition and says she really wanted to sing with him and dreamt of him winning the competition.

She assures to find the culprit who destroyed his voice and promises to get him music contracts from one of biggest music company. Vidyuth snatches phone and warns Pihu to stop troubling Raj after destroying his voice and warns her to dare not call Raj again. He asks Raj not to trust Pihu and his family of whom their family is suffering repeatedly.

Armaan visits florist and showing him dead orchid plant asks who bought these from his shop. He checks order book and says Kanchan Thakur and Rudraksh Khurana had bought orchid plants, in fact Rudra’s plant was delivered this morning on a priority basis. Armaan takes Rudra’s order invoice and heads home.

He gathers family and calls Prem. Prem walks in. Armaan asks if he relived Kanchan’s plant with his expertise or if he replaced it with a new plant. Prem says he revived it with his experience. Arman shows him a dead plant and asks where did this plant come from then.

He says this plant has Kanchan’s name on it, he found it in dustbin and learnt from a florist that someone also ordered this plant.

Preesha asks how is it possible as Prem cannot afford to buy such a costly plant. Armaan shows her invoice and says Rudra bought this plant and gave it to Prem. Prem/Rudra thinks Armaan doesn’t leave a chance to trap him.

Armaan says he told them a 1000 times that Prem is Rudra’s aide, but they didn’t trust him. Vanshika enters disguised as Rudra’s wife. Prem stands shocked. Vanshika asks him to introduce her to everyone.

Prem stands speechless. Vanshika says she is Prem’s wife Prema. She says its not her husband’s mistake, he had called her and informed about being expelled from job as he failed to plant a precious orchid plant on time and it died, the owner where she works had a same plant and hence she stole it and gave it to Prem.

Armaan says she created a good story, but didn’t realize that Rudra had bought this plant in the morning. Vanshika/Prema says Rudra’s mother Sharda loves gardening and when Rudra learnt that Prema stole his mother’s favorite orchid plant, he bought a new plant and fired her from job. Prem apologizes Armaan and says he had planted a plant and it died.


Yeh Hai Chahatein 2nd September 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Roohi asks doctor why Preesha forgets again whatever she recalls. Doctor says because of the medicines she is given. Rudra says they need to find out the medicine. Roohi notices Armaan mixing medicine in Preesha’s drink and feeding her. Rudra with Roohi and Saransh enters Armaan’s room to steal the medicine. Armaan gets alert hearing a sound.


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