Yeh Hai Chahatein 22nd April 2021 Written Episode Update


Yeh Hai Chahatein 22nd April 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Yeh Hai Chahatein 22nd April 2021 Kabir takes Alisha to his room. She says his room is very good. He gets closer to her. She says she came here for mobile charger. He says let him charge her. She messages Preesha that she started her task. Preesha brings surprise cake for Ahana and Kabir and asks Rudra to call Kabir. Rudra searches Kabir. Preesha says he must be in his room, so she will go to his room and bring him here; asks Rudra if he will accompany her. He agrees followed by Ahana and they both follow her. They enter Kabir’s room and are shocked to see Kabi romancing a girl.. Sulochana joins them. Preesha thinks she knew Kabir will show his true face, mom was right that human cannot change his nature, Kabir’s true nature is out in front of Rudra now. Ahana asks Kabir what the hell is happening.

Sulochana scolds Kabir that he insulted her upbringing and she is ashamed of him, etc. Rudra says she shouldn’t be ashamed as her upbringing is good and tongue lashes Kabir. Alisha asks them to stop alleging Kabir as she came to take charger from him and something fell in her eyes, so Kabir was removing it; in fact, Kabir considers her as his sister. Ahana asks who the hell she is and how did she come here. Alisha apologizes Preesha that she couldn’t complete her given task. Sulochana asks Preesha why did she call this girl. Ahana asks to answer MIL. Alisha says Preesha hired her to seduce Kabir and allege him to cancel the wedding. Kabir asks why did she do that. Ahana tells Rudra that his wife always troubles them, why did she make a drama of cake and now tried to trap Kabir and cancel wedding. Sulochana says Preesha hates them and always tries to defame them, earlier she tried to trap her in necklace theft case, then went to her locality and questioned about them, and now tried to tarnish Kabir’s image, its better she and Kabir leave this place to save their dignity. Kabir also acts. Rudra pleads them not to go. Sulochana continues her acting. Rudra holds her feet and pleads not to go and apologizes her.

Aisha says she needed money, so she came here and found out that Kabir bhaiya is a good man. She returns Preesha’s money and walks away. Rudra yells at Preesha that she risks her life and saves him and his son, then she tries to defame his mother and brother, why she does that repeatedly, etc., and insists her to apologize his mother and brother or else. Sharda enters and asks why didn’t they come for cake cutting. Preesha starts laughing. Rudra says she asked her to apologize and she is laughing instead. Preesha says itw as a drama to test Kabir and maa took it, she wanted to know if Kabir would be loyal to Ahana in the future. Sharda accepts that she arranged this test as she wanted to see if Kabir can follow his responsibilities; Kabir is younger than Ahana and handsome, so many girls will come in his life; hence she wanted to know if he really loves Ahana or not; she will apologize Kabir if he wants to. Rudra asks not to. She says Kabir is like her son and Ahana like her daughter, so she wants to see them happy. Rudra apologize Preesha for misunderstanding her and asks Sulochana not to think of leaving the house as nobody doubts her. Presha says he is right and let us go and cut cake before it melts. Everyone walk away. Ahana asks Sharda if she really wanted to test Kabir. Sharda says though Ahana doesn’t consider her as mother, she considers her as daughter.

Kabir and Ahana cut cake. Rudra dances with them on a bhangra song. Preesha informs Sharda that she had called Alisha to expose Kabir, but she failed again; she didn’t know what to do when she was exposed, so she took Sharda’s name. Sharda says she is always ready to help her and hopes Rudra finds truth. Preesha says they are doing this for Rudra’s betterment. Sharda says there shouldn’t be any problem between her and Rudra. Preesha says there won’t be, she will expose Kabir and Sulochana at any cost; she doesn’t know what Kabir told Alisha; she just has one day to expose them before marriage. Sharda says god always helps only good people. Preesha says she doesn’t know if this marriage will cancel or not. She gets emergency call from hospital and leaves.

Ahana takes Kabir and confronts him. Kabir asks her to relax and asks if she didn’t hear what Alisha told. Ahana says fool Rudra and not her and warns to control himself or else their plan will fail. Kabir asks Sulochana if she will also scold her. Sulochana slaps him and warns to control himself. He asks how did she change Alisha’s mind. She says she has a magical wand and calling Sonia says she is their new group member.


Yeh Hai Chahatein 23rd April 2021 22nd April 2021 Written Episode Update Precap : Sonia questions Alisha if she came to attend sangeet function as she doesn’t look like a relative. Alisha says she is not anyone’s relative, actually Preesha called her for some work. Preesha’s car stops midway. She seeks a passing car’s help. Yuvraj stops his car.


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