Yeh Hai Chahatein 22nd April 2022 Written Episode Update


Yeh Hai Chahatein 22nd April 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Yeh Hai Chahatein 22nd April 2022 Revathi offers lifts to Rudra and Preesha in her car. They both get tensed seeing its the same car in which they hid Dev’s body. Rudra says they are surprised to know she is a police commissioner and thought she would travel in police car. Revathi says her police car broke down, so driver took it for repair. Preesha reminds Rudra that they hid Dev’s body in this car’s dickie. Rudra says they don’t have any option now and gets into car with her.

Alia thanks Tarun for his help. Tarun says he should have exposed Dev’s wrongdoings long ago. Alia says he did right by informing Dev’s wrongdoings to Revathi, now Dev will not do any mistakes. Tarun leaves. Alia then calls Saransh to share the same with him. Saransh doesn’t pick call.

Sharda notices phone call and asks him to pick the call. He picks call fearing if Alia found the truth. Alia tells him that Dev is finished, she means Dev’s drama is finished as Preesha showed Dev’s confession video to Revathi. She further reveals that Revathi is going to hospital to meet Dev. Saransh gets tensed and thinks of informing Rudra that Revathi is going to hospital.

Revathi while driving apologizes Rudra and Preesha for Dev’s wrongdoings. Saransh calls Rudra and informs that Alia is heading to hospital to meet Dev. Rudra asks him not to worry as they are heading towards home and will set everything right. He thinks he needs to hide Dev’s body somewhere before Revathi reaches hospital. Revathi stops car seeing police checking vehicles and goes out to check.

Preesha panics and says police will find Dev’s dead body, they should have visited police beforehand. Revathi gets back to her car. Constable seeing her face apologizes for stopping her. Inspector asks her to move on.

Rudra relaxes thinking police will not check Revathi’s car. Revathi asks inspector not to break the protocol for anyone. Inspector opens car’s dickie when constable informs him that he found something in another car. He asks Revathi to leave as he needs to check another car. Revathi drives away. Rudra relaxes and thanks god.

Revathi drops them outside home. Ruda insists her to have Preesah’s prepared coffee. Revathi denies, but he insists saying they shouldn’t keep any differences now. Revathi agrees. Rudra asks her car keys to park it inside. She says she is a bit possessive with her car as her husband gifted it and herself parks the car inside. Rudra walks in first. Saransh asks where was he, he was very afraid.

Rudra signals him to stop pointing at Revathi. Revathi sits with Sharda and Rudra. Preesha serves them coffee. Rudra excuses himself and tries to get Dev’s body out of car’s dickie.

Revathi tells Preesha that she really made a nice coffee. Preesha says she didn’t know that Revathi is a police commission. Revathi asks if she had know, hadn’t she befriended her. Saransh gets more tensed and asks if she is police commissioner.

Preesha to divert the attention tells Revathi that she will show her house. Revathi gets her husband’s cal asking where is she, even Saransh is not picking the call. She asks him to reach City Hospital and tells Preesha she needs to go now. Preesha gets nervous and asks her to finish her coffee first. Revathi says meeting Dev is more important and walks towards her. Preesha gets more tensed.

Revathi notices Rudra behind her car and asks what is he doing near his car. He recalls Preesha messaging him that Revathi is coming and shuts dickie back keeping Dev’s body back in. He says he was parking his car and stopped to check her car, she really maintained it well. Revathi drives away. Preesha notices blood on the floor and car’s bonnet. Rudra says Dev body must have started bleeding when he tried to pull it out and says they need to reach hospital and get the body out somehow.


Yeh Hai Chahatein 23rd April 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Revathi visits Dev’s hospital room and doesn’t find him there. Rudra reaches hospital and tries to get the body out. Revathi calls police dogs and gives Dev’s clothes to find him out. Preesha gets tensed thinking Rudra is near Dev’s body, dogs may catch him.


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