Yeh Hai Chahatein 25th April 2022 Written Episode Update


Yeh Hai Chahatein 25th April 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Yeh Hai Chahatein 25th April 2022 Preesha questions Rudra about his waistcoat. Rudra pulls out waitcoat from his pocket. She notices blood on it and asks if he is injured. He says its Dev’s blood and he cleaned car’s bonnet to wipe off Dev’s blood from it.

He says they should get Dev’s body out of the car first. She says its getting complicated and asks if he thinks they are doing right. He gets angry and asks not to repeat the same thing, he is doing it for Saransh and is not expecting her help, its up to her if she wants to help him or not. She says Saransh is also her son and she doesn’t have any other option than supporting him. They leave in a car.

Saransh waits for Rudra and Preesha and fears if some problem happened. He calls Rudra and finding his phone not reachable calls Alia and asks if Dev is found. Alia says not yet, but mom will find him out. She hears door bell and disconnects call saying her parents must have arrived. Revathi returns home tired with her husband. Alia asks if she is fine. Revathi says she is feeling unwell.

Saransh calls Rudra and informs that Alia said Revathi is unwell, he is worried something wrong will happen. Rudra asks him to calm down as he coming home. He tells Preesha that he will take Saransh for counseling once all this ends. Preesha worries for Revathi and says they should inform police.

Rudra says its his duty to protect his son and says they got involved in this case when they shifted Dev’s body, they should have said truth then and now nothing can be done. He asks her why she is having a problem now when she hid truth that Yuvraj killed Rajee, she wasn’t worried for her husband then and is worried for a stranger Revathi now.

He reaches Revathi’s house and says they should get Dev’s body out somehow. Preesha asks how will they get Dev’s body out. Rudra says once Revathi’s family is asleep, they should. He notices lights getting off, force opens Revathi’s car’s dickie, gets Dev’s dead body out with Preesha’s help, and heads towards his car when he notices people getting into opposite house for jagrata.

Revathi walks to her room’s balcony for a fresh air. Neighbor invites her for mata’s jagratha. Revathi says not today. Husband asks her to attend jagrata. Revathi says she can’t until Dev is found, she wants to punish Dev but is equally worried for him. Husband comforts her and says he knows they thought him obedient, but he took a wrong path; as parents, its their duty to get Dev on the right track; she should attend jagratha to feel good.

Preesha gets tensed hearing that and asks what should they do now. Rudra says they should hide the body under Revathi’s car before Revathi comes down. They hide the body under the car. Preesha panics that Revathi will find out now. He says there is no use of panicking as they can’t back off now.

They hide seeing Revathi coming out. He notices Dev’s hand out of the gunny bag and gets tensed. Revathi’s mobile falls down and she bends to pick it, but doesn’t notice Dev’s dead body and walks away checking her mobile. Rudra then rushes back and hides Dev’s hand. Preesha asks how will they take out the body now as they have to pass in front of neighbor’s house and what if someone notices them. Rudra says they need to get out the body somehow. Preesha says they need to go in front of Revathi now.

Revathi visits neighbor’s house for jagrata celebration. Neighbor welcomes her and says singer must be reaching anytime. Rudra and Preesha walk in. Revathi asks what are they doing here. Singer says he invited them here as Rudra loves singing in Jagratha without charging any fees.

Preesha tells Revathi that Rudra likes singing in Jagratha and asks her why she is awake when she told she wants to rest. Revathi says she is feeling better now. Neighbors feel excited that Rudra will sing for them. Rudra recalls Preesha plan to let him sing in jagrata and him requesting singer to let him sing with him.


Yeh Hai Chahatein 26th April 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Revathi scolds inspector for not finding Dev yet. Principal tells Revathi that they can find out via CCTV footage if Dev visited school or not. Rudra and Preesha hide Dev’s body at their house. Revathi opens CCTV footage.


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