Yeh Hai Chahatein 26th July 2022 Written Episode Update


Yeh Hai Chahatein 26th July 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Yeh Hai Chahatein 26th July 2022 Rudra feels sad recalling raising his hand on Saransh when Saraysn confronts him. He then notices Roohi missing and asks Saransh. Saransh says she must be somewhere.

Rudra notices Roohi’s letter that she is tired of Rudra and Saransh’s fights and hence is going alone to bring Preesha back home. Saransh asks where did she go. Pihu shows a Shimla resort pics to Preesha and says they are mindblowing. Preesha says its really nice. Pihu says let us go there today itself.

Preesha asks what about her college and Armaan’s work. Pihu says its okay to skip college for a few days and she even convinced Armaan. Preesha agrees. Armaan walks in and hearing Presha’s approval says he will book the rooms then.

Raj and Vidyut return home and inform Rudra that they failed to locate Roohi. Rudra scolds guard and servants for not noticing Roohi when she left home. Saransh says even Sharda is not at home.

Sharda calls Rudra and informs him that Roohi is with her. Rudra asks where are they. Sharda says Roohi is upset with Rudra and Saransh’s fight and wants to go away from them for some time, so she brought Roohi out somewhere. Saransh asks her to let him apologize Roohi. Sharda says Roohi doesn’t want to.

Rudra asks where are they as he will come to pick them up. Sharda says Roohi refused to disclose the location, so she will bring Roohi back home once she calms down. Raj and Vidyut comment that the kid is too much. Rudra feels helpless. Saransh feels guilty and thinks he should visit Preesha’s house and bring her back home to bring Roohi back home.

Preesha gets ready for the trip and feels sad that Pihu is not accompanying her after planning the trip. Pihu says she has an important lecture to attend and will join her tomorrow. Digvijay says even he will finish his meeting and join them, till then Armaan and Preesha should spend time together.

Preesha leaves with Armaan. Saransh notices that and questions watchman who informs that they both went to on a vacation for a few days but doesn’t know the location. Saransh hides seeing Pihu coming and realizes that only Armaan and Preesha went on a vacation. He informs same to rudra. Rudra seeks Raj’s help to find out where they went via Pihu. Raj agrees and makes Pihu sit next o him and hesitates to speak.

Armaan and Preesha reach Shimla. Raj thinks how to find out about their location from Pihu. Pihu gets Preesha’s message. Raj notices and diverting her attention reads message that Preesha has reached A Shimla resort. He then informs Rudra about the same. Rudra gets ready to go to Shimla.

Saransh stops him and asks him to not to make any mistake again as usual in a hurry or else Armaan will catch and insult him. Armaan asks Preesha if she liked the resort. She says yes and asks him to book 2 rooms. He asks why 2 when they are husband and wife. She says she feels uncomfortable. He says he was joking and booked 2 adjacent rooms for them, then thinks tonight he will sleep in her room.

Rudra tells Saransh that they will reach Shimla and try to recreate memories related to Saransh in front of Preesha since he is Preesha’s first child and try to review her memories. They reach Shimla.

Saransh asks how will they find where Preesha is staying. Rudra calls Vanshika and informing her about Preesha’s Shimla vacation asks her to reach their house and find out her resort name. Vanshika reaches house as a pest controller and listens to Pihu and her parent’s conversation to find out the name of resort.


Yeh Hai Chahatein 27th July 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Armaan plans consummating with Preesha tonight. Saransh plans a fire accident in front of Preesha. Preesha recalls earlier fire accident and calls Saransh’s name.


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