Yeh Hai Chahatein 26th October 2020 Written Episode Update


Yeh Hai Chahatein 26th October 2020 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Yeh Hai Chahatein 26th October 2020 Preesha takes police, Ruidra, Balraj, and Yuvraj to mental health clinic and asks manager to inform them about Kirti Jain. Manager asks who Kirti Jain, there is no patient with that name. Preesha asks why is he lying. He says he is seeing her for the first time. Yuvraj asks if he is seeing even him for the first time. Manager says yes. Inspector asks manager if he has records of all patients. Manager says yes. On the other side, Ahana sees Mishka panicking and thinks she is panicking seeing Kirti’s dead body and Preesha’s drama. Mishka walks away and hopes nobody saw her going to terrace and meet Kirti. Manager shows records and says there is no patient named Kirti Jain. Preesha warns him to stop lying. Balraj reacts. Inspector takes them all out. Manager gets a call and says they had come and he didn’t inform anyone, requests not to kill him.

Mishka goes to terrace and seeing police tag on crime scene thinks she shouldn’t have come here and fought with Kirti. She reminisces going on terrace and seeing Kirti calls her play girl who steals other girl’s boyfriend. Kirti says that is something new, what problem she has, she didn’t steal her boyfriend. Mishka shows Kirti with her ex-boyfriend Rithvik Agarwal’s pic and says he was her boyfriend, but Kirti stole him. Kirti says she saved her and should thank her. Their argument continues. Mishka says she is trying to steal Rudra from her. Kirti laughs. Mishka says she will push her from here. Kirti insults her saying she has neither beauty nor character, etc. Mishka pushes her from terrace. Out of flashback, Mishka thinks she has to find out her lost thing before police finds it and starts searching. Ahana walks in and asks what is she doing here. Mishka nervously says she came for some fresh air. Ahana says this area is sealed, she can go somewhere else. Mishka shouts that police sealed a lot place and if she goes somewhere else, reporters will throng her, so she just wants some fresh air. She walks away thinking Ahana came on wrong time, she has to return and get her thing before police finds it.

Inspector returns to hotel with Preesha and others and tells her that in CCTV footage, Rudra had gone last with Kirti, so he is the prime suspect and should be arrested. Balraj says he cannot do that and tells Rudra that he will speak to their lawyer. Sharda informs Preesha that Saransh wants to speak to her. Preesha leaves. Yuvraj thinks why manager lied, something is wrong and needs to discuss it with Preesha. He walks to Preesha and asks what is happening, why did manager changed his words. Guard walks to him and says manager didn’t call him, why did he lie. Yuvraj asks which manager, who is he. Guard reminds that he sent him out of CCTV control room when police had come. Yuvraj says he is right and asks him to return to control room. Preesha stops guard and asks if doors were open when Yuvraj sent him out. Guard says yes. Preesha apologizes him on Yuvraj’s behalf and sends him. She asks Yuvraj what did he do in CCTV control room. Yuvraj says guard is lying. Preesha says she will take guard to police and asks if he murdered Kirti. Yuvraj asks if she thinks he is a psycho killer. Yuvraj agrees that after Rudra, he went to meet Kirti, but he didn’t kill her and she was fine when he left terrace. Preesha asks what happened next. He describes his meeting with Kirti and when he exposes her truth, she threatens to jump from terrace and kill herself. He gets nervous and requests her to come down. She gets down and says she is not Preesha to tolerate his nonsense, she will kill him and then die herself. He walks away seeing her madness. Out of flashback, he says he went to CCTV room and deleted footage. Preesha asks if he didn’t kill Kirti then. He asks if he should write it down. Preesha says he should go and tell police to prove Rudra innocent.


Yeh Hai Chahatein 27th October 2020 Written Episode Update Precap :Yuvraj asks if she wants him to tell truth and get into trouble himself, so he will not. Kirti’s father threatens Balraj that he will send Rudra to jail and orders inspector to arrest Rudra. Preesha says nobody should dare touch her husband and asks manager to tell complete truth.


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