Yeh Hai Chahatein 2nd July 2021 Written Episode Update


Yeh Hai Chahatein 2nd July 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Yeh Hai Chahatein 2nd July 2021 Preesha gets out of Rudra’s car and walks alone. A few biker goons stop her and flirt with her. She tries to hit a goon with her sandal. Goon holds her hand and says he needs to cool her anger. She warns him that Rudra will beat them and calls Rudra. Rudra gets out of car and asks if she is calling him, she told she can protect himself. Goons laugh on her and say her hero will not rescue her even if shouts to the core. Rudra brutally trashes goons and says they made a big mistake of insulting a woman and eyeing wrongly at Preesha. A goon attacks Preesha with a knife. Rudra protects her and bears it on his hand. Preesha shoos goons away with a stick nearby, tears her sari pallu and ties it on his injury, and asks if its paining, he shouldn’t have harmed himself trying to protect her. She gets him into car and heads towards home. At home, Devika gets worried for them and calls them repeatedly in vain. Sulochana says it usually gets late during shopping, so she need not worry. Devika says their phone is not reachable.
Arman says he will go and check.

Car breaks down on the way. Preesha gets worried seeing Rudra’s condition deteriorating, supports him and asks not to worry as she will not let anything happen to him. Their romantic mode gets on. Rudra asks if she is worried for him as she still loves him and insists to accept her feelings for him before they both ruin each other’s lives. She agrees and is about to say I love you too when Arman reaches there and in shock knocks window. They both notice him and get alert. Rudra writhes in pain. Arman asks how did he get injured. They get out and inform that goons attacked them. Arman says their phone was not reachable and came here tracking car’s GPS. He gets them into car and heads towards home. They both reminisce the moment; she thinks nothing will happen to him, but she cannot love him as he has to marry Devika; he thinks she was about to express her feelings for him and will make sure she expresses it at any cost. Arman notices them. Tere Bin… song plays in the background.

Devika eagerly waits for them at home and thinks even Bhai is not reachable. Arman returns with them and informs that goons attacked Preesha and Rudra injured himself trying to protect her. Devika makes Rudra sit to bandage him and gets happy seeing surprise gift box. Preesha brings first-aid box and asks Devika to move aside. Sulochana says let Devika bandage Rudra. Devika does. Preesha leaves. Rudra follows her thinking he will force her to express her feeling for him. He gets into her room, locks its from inside and insists to tell what she wanted to in car. She says she already told that she doesn’t have any feelings for him. He insists, but she denies and walks out. Devika walks to her and says she needs to tell him something important. Preesha thinks Rudra is inside her room, so takes her to another room. Rudra looks at the gift he bought for Preesha and thinks of gifting it to her. Devika informs Preesha that she saw Rudra bringing a gift box for her with a note written for someone special and asks what did Rudra buy. Preesha says he bought her a diamond bracelet. Devika says Rudra loves her so much.


Yeh Hai Chahatein 3rd July 2021 Written Episode Update Precap : Rudra gifts Devika. Devika asks Preesha whom did Rudra gift someone special written box and finds it in Preesha’s room. Arman hires a detective to find out Preesha’s past.


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