Yeh Hai Chahatein 30th December 2019 Written Episode Update


Yeh Hai Chahatein 30th December 2019 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Yeh Hai Chahatein 30th December 2019 Episode Start With Rudraksh giving a big bouquet to Prisha. He sees Surya’s shirt in her purse and thinks she will take me to Surya. Rudraksh asks her to listen to him and check his genuine problem. He signs the girls. She says who has parked the car this way. Rudraksh asks how will you drop your son this way, I will drop you, do you think you won’t resist me. Prisha jokes like him. She accepts his lift.

He thinks I m driving like a driver, she sat backside, I m angry and want to throw her out. Rudraksh says I m impressed the way you take time for your son. He sees her changing clothes and thinks this will be too early, what am I thinking. She asks him to just drive. They reach the school. Ahana welcomes everyone in the function. She says we are giving mother of the year award, as mothers are great, its a contest, we need a judge, I have thought to call a judge who is close to your heart. She asks them to welcome the singing sensation, Rudraksh Khurana. The lady asks where is Rudraksh. Ahana says he is on the way. She calls Rudraksh and asks why didn’t you reach here. He asks where. She says I m the new trustee of this school, send me the live location, I will tell you where to come. He sends the location. She says so silly, you are standing outside the school, I will announce that you have come. Prisha comes there wearing superman costume. The kids laugh on her. Ahana asks what the hell is this, come with me.

Prisha says fancy dress costume, I was told about fancy dress competition, believe me. Ahana thinks I believe you, since I asked them to make a call to you. Prisha gets the call. The lady calls and asks her to come in superman’s costume. Ahana says if in case anyone knows about it, say it is miscommunication. FB ends. Ahana starts insulting Prisha. Rudraksh comes. Ahana asks him to come in quickly. Rudraksh sees Prisha. The ladies also insult Prisha. Saransh hears everything and gets sad. Ahana says put your hands together for Rudraksh.

Rudraksh comes on the stage. He sees Prisha standing away. He says when I was born, my mom and dad knew I m different, I started crying in tune, I m proud to be different, everyone doesn’t have guts to be different, mother of the year should be one who is different, one who loves her child a lot, who doesn’t care for anyone’s thinking, I have to become like her to give her this honor, give me two mins. He goes and makes his superman costume. He comes there dancing. Everyone claps for him. Ahana and Prisha get shocked.

Rudraksh says now I m going to announce mother of the year, Dr. Prisha, I would like to call the best mom, who can do anything for her son’s happiness who is a mom and also a superwoman. Saransh smiles. He asks Prisha to come on stage. He thinks I have saved her from humiliation and I m giving her an award, she will be impressed. Ahana says I told you to give award to my best friend. He says sorry, I forgot the chit at home. She thinks idiot, how will I make Prisha and her son out.

Rudraksh congrats Prisha. He says congrats, best mom, superwoman. Prisha asks him to keep his thinking to himself. Saransh comes and says you are the best superwoman. Rudraksh says you should say thanks to me, I gave her the award. Saransh says you are the best, I have become your bigger fan, I love you Rudraksh. He hugs Rudraksh. Prisha thinks he would have helped me for some reason, else he would never help me. The ladies argue with Ahana. Ahana says I have purposely given the award so that she doesn’t blame us, Dr. Prisha’s son won’t be in this school. She goes and congratulates Prisha.

She says I m really sorry, you came in these clothes, I m surprised, I really believe you deserve to become mother of the year, I told Rudraksh that you should get this award. She says I m thinking to give all the goodies to the kids, parents are contributing, how much will you contribute, upto 3 lakhs, if you can’t pay, then Saransh can take admission in any other school. Prisha says no, I can help by working in the school. Ahana thinks she isn’t an idiot, I will spoil your work. She says give one lakh now and then you can do some work for which you are perfect. Prisha says I will change and come. She goes. Rudraksh sees her and goes after her. He makes a call and says I will send the location. He says see how I get info from you.


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