Yeh Hai Chahatein 31st December 2021 Written Episode Update


Yeh Hai Chahatein 31st December 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Yeh Hai Chahatein 31st December 2021 Roohi notices Mukhiya’s goon dropping a receipt in and asks why is he troubling her amma again. He says its a rental receipt and asks her to inform her mamma that her rent is paid. Roohi rejoices, rushes to clinic, and informs Preesha that Mukhiya got his rent. Preesha checks receipt and asks Beena maasi who paid 7 months extra rent.

Roohi says she had informed Raj uncle about their problem. Preesha says she did wrong and thinks Yuvraj paid her rent. Bunty informs Rudra that he paid Priya Sharma’s rent to mukhiya. Rudra asks him to go now. Bunty says he came to take him back. Rudra says he hasn’t drunk since he came here and he is feeling peace here like he was with Preesha. Bunty says if he is feeling happy, he can stay here till he wants.

Preesha walks to Yuvraj and asks why did he pay her rent. He thinks of taking a free credit and says he just paid for the quality moments spent with little Roohi. She says she doesn’t need anyone’s help, especially stranger like him.

He asks if he should go and ask mukhiya to return his money, she can consider it as debt and can return whenever she gets money. He asks why is he doing this. He says he wants her to realize his repention as he wants her to see happy always. She walks away. He rejoices and thinks once Preesha falls into his trap, he will fulfill his biggest motto.

Mukhiya orders his goons to spy on Preesha and find out who is helping her. Goons notice Yuvraj dropping Roohi home and inform Mukhiya. Mukhiya orders to catch him and break his bones. Bunty returns home. Vyjayanti asks him if he met Rudra, why didn’t he take her along. He says Rudra is fine, he wanted to meet only him.

She asks when will he return. He says he will not in the near future. She says he doesn’t stay anywhere without any work. He says Rudra is working on new project and walks away nervously.

Rudra thinks the woman he touched was really Preesha, he needs to check each woman of the village and find out if it was really Preesha. Roohi walks in singing his one-time wonder song and asks how did he sing. He says just like him. She informs that mamma’s rent is paid. He thinks she will praise him at least now and asks who paid the rent. She says Raj uncle. He thinks who is Raj who is taking all his credit, anyways let him take the credit as he doesn’t want to be in limelight again till he finds Preesha.

She says mamma is still angry on Raj uncle. He suggests her to inform Raj uncle to bring another woman along and make her mamma feel jealous, and if she does, it proves her mamma also loves Raj uncle. She likes his idea. He says he wants to meet all women of this village. She says they celebrate new year party with bonfire and whole village attends it, so he can see all the women there. He agrees. She asks him to hide his face when he attends party or else everyone will identity rockstar Rudra.

During breakfast, Preesha questions Roohi if she invited Rudra for Sachis’ party. Roohi says he already left after concert, why would such a big rockstar stay at their village. Preesha says she is right. She seeks more paranthas from Preesha and leaves. Preesha thinks her diet has increased really. Roohi visits Roohi again. He says he wants to bathe as he didn’t since 3 days. She says she will make some arrangements once mamma goes to clinic. He agrees.

Yuvraj waits for Roohi outside her school. Goons follow him. Preesha visits her clinic and thanks Beena maasi for her help. Beena says she should thank Raj instead as he did real help, she should think of reconciling her differences with him as Roohi like Raj. Preesha says they will talk about it later and slips on wet floor. Maasi suggests her to go home and take a bathe. Preesha leaves. Yuvraj sees Roohi and offers her ice cream. Roohi takes ice creams and rushes away saying she doesn’t have time to chat with him. Goons kidnap Yuvraj and takes him to Mukhiya. Mukhiya slaps him.


Yeh Hai Chahatein 1st January 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Mukhiya’s goons trash Yuvraj for beating them. Roohi sends Rudra to Preesha’s bathroom where Preesha is already taking bath. He stands shocked.


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