Yeh Hai Chahatein 31st July 2021 Written Episode Update


Yeh Hai Chahatein 31st July 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Yeh Hai Chahatein 31st July 2021 Chachaji ask Aarman to forget Preesha. Avni ask aarman to bring preesha back soon. Chachaji shout that it will never happen. Aarman sent Avni inside. Chachaji says avni need to learn truth.

Aahana call lawyer ask about update. Lawyer says need DNA sample soon. Aahana and Mishka enjoye their moments and get happy seeing Preesha news. Ahana and Mishka decide to complete formalities soon.

Rudra see laundry boy came to give clothes and give hairpin, which shocks rudra.

Preesha meet Amma Appa and they say she will be realsed soon. Preesha cries seeing them, while thinking about Rudra, while Aarman get sad seeing Preesha. Chachaji says we need to get justice for Devika, don’t be emotional.

Rudra tell sharda that Preesha will be proven innocent as they found prove that Devika had saree cloth and it doesn’t match Preesha’s dress. Sulochana get happy but says that Preesha will proven innocent but she will not return to you.

Case start while lawyer blames about how Preesha is needed to be blamed for Devika’s murder.
In court lawyer call all witnesses who inform that Preesha and Devika was fighting. Preesha’s lawyer ask did witness saw killing preesha? But devika’s lawyer stay but timing matches.
Preesha feel sorry for Amma and Appa and think why didn’t even rudra came?

Sulochana check her saree get caught by rudra and sharda. Rudra inform how he got to know about sulochana, when laundry boy told about saree. Rudra inform Sharda that hairpin belongs to Devika and Saree belongs to Sulochana. Sharda ask if he is sure? Rudra tell her that how Devika and he exchanged selfie and he knows she was wearing that hairpin. Rudra think did sulochana killed Devika, though Sharda defend that she was so happy, but rudra wasn’t sure! They both plan to catch sulochana.Rudra confront sulochana for hiding truth. Sulochana denies. Rudra shows hairpin and ask to tell truth. He ask sulochana that she killed Devika?

In court forensic doctor tell that devika neck bone was broken and this can happen in 2 ways only either by pushing or by smashing on thay neck. And we found preesha skin on devika’s nail. Preesha’s lawyer say but it can happen with any reason. But devika’s lawyer says that preessha pushed devika and when devika tried to save herself pressha skin got into devika nails.


Yeh Hai Chahatein 31st July 2021Written Episode Update Precap :devika’s lawyer ask aaram if he knew about rudra being preesha’s ex-husband? Arman denies. Lawyer says devika was murdered to hide illegal affair. Rudra confront sulochna to tell truth. Lawyer demand to give harsh punishment to preesha. Judge start to announce about preesha punishment


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