Yeh Hai Chahatein 3rd July 2021 Written Episode Update


Yeh Hai Chahatein 3rd July 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Yeh Hai Chahatein 3rd July 2021 During dinner, Sulochana asks Rudra about his pain. He says its better now. Sulochana says they forgot to give Devika’s gifts. Rudra gives a bracelet to Devika saying Preesha chose it. Devika remembers for someone special box and asks if he forgot something. He says yes. Chachaji asks if she liked the gift. Devika says a lot as her and bhabhi’s choice is same. Rudra looks at Preesha. Sulochana says they will go now and will meet tomorrow. Chachaji and Arman go to drop them out. Preesha sees Devika sad and asks reason. Devika says Rudra didn’t give a box on which for someone special was written. Preesha it can’t be as he gave her bracelet and must have got it for his mother. Devika says she is right, it must be for Sharda. Next morning, Preesha remembers last night’s event and thinks she cannot let Rudra come near him. Arman walks in and says he caught her theft, he can understand her well as a friend. She asks what is she hiding, thinking if he found out truth. He asks why she looks tensed. She says there is nothing like that and she is tensed regarding tonight’s sangeet function. He asks if she is sure there is no other issue. She says no and excuses saying she needs to meet decorator.

Arman reminisces Rudra and Preesha’s intimacy last night, Ahuja informing Rudra is already married and his wife is also here, Preesha denying to shift to Delhi as her past is connected there, and thinks he feels for the first time to find out Preesha’s past. He hires a detective and giving him Preesha’s photo asks to find out about her past in detail and keep it confidential. Detective assures him and leaves. Arman thinks Preesha gave a new life to his family and now its his turn to clear her from her tensions.

Preesha meets Devika and asks why did she call her. Devika says she is unable to decide what to wear during sangeet function. Preesha asks to call her designer. Devika says her lehanga is not fitting and she feels god doesn’t want this marriage, she and Rudra are very excited regarding their marriage, but don’t know if they will marry or not. Preesha says she will wear her selected lehanga as she will personally get it fixed. Devika gets happy. On the other side, Rudra tells Bunty that he doesn’t want to marry Devika as he is doing all this for Preesha. Bunty asks him not to play with Devika’s feelings as she is also a human and not a puppet. Devika walks to Preesha’s room to get a lipstick and finding Rudra’s for someone special box there ralizes Rudra bought it for Preesha. Rudra sees Mishka and runs towards her. She gets into cab and leaves. Bunty asks what happened to him. Rudra says it was Mishka. Bunty says Mishka is dead. Rudra says then whom did he see, if she is alive, even Saransh is alive and he will find out his son. Sulochana calls him and asks to get ready for sangeet soon. Rudra says he doesn’t want to. Bunty takes phone and says Rudra will reach sangeet ceremony on time. Rudra says he will go to cab company and find out Mishka’s location to find out his son. Bunty says he will find it out and sends him to get ready for sangeet function.

Preesha returns to Devika after fixing her dress. Devika shows her for someone special box and says Rudra brought it for her, what is going between them. Preesha reminisces Rudra buying it for her and thinks why did he do that. Devika continues questioning what is going between them. Preesha lies that she spoilt Rudra’s surprise as he wanted to gift it during sangeet and kept it in her room. Devika says she is getting very possessive regarding RK and thinks if he really loves her or not. Preesha says obviously he loves her and even expressed it. She says he did, but she feels he is physically with her most of the time but mentally somewhere else. Preesha asks her not to think much and enjoy her special day; in fact she should wear the earrings and surprise Rudra. Devika happily agrees and thanks her. Once she leaves, Preesha thinks she is trying to get away from Rudra and he is making it difficult, Devika loves Rudra immensely and will be hurt, so she has to stay away from Rudra.

Bunty reaches cab aggregator office and takes cab driver’s address after a lot of drama. In the evening, sangeet ceremony starts. Sulochana sees Rudra tensed and asks reason. Rudra says he left some work incomplete, but he is fine. She asks if he is sure. He says yes and goes aside to call Bunty. Devika walks to him, and he says yes. She asks just high and nothing, shows earrrings. He thinks why is she wearing Preesha’s earrings.


Yeh Hai Chahatein 3rd July 2021Written Episode Update Precap :Bunty reaches Mishka’s address. Rudra gets jealous seeing Arman touching Preesha while dancing, pushes him away and slaps him and shouts how dare he is to touch is Preesha. Devika asks if he is out of his mind. Rudra says Preesha is his wife.


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