Yeh Hai Chahatein 3rd September 2022 Written Episode Update


Yeh Hai Chahatein 3rd September 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Yeh Hai Chahatein 3rd September 2022 Roohi notices Armaan mixing a powder in Preesha’s water and feeding it to her. She returns to Rudra and informs what she saw. Rudra says he needs to enter Armaan’s room and find out that powder.

Saransh says Armaan is very clever and will not anyone enter his room. Rudra says they will visit his room once he goes out of house. Vanshika says she will enter Armaan’s room when he goes out of house in lieu of cleaning the room and search for that powder. Roohi says even she will accompany Vanshika.

Roohi walks to Kanchan and says she wants to meet Preesha. Vanshika walks behind her holding a broom. Armaan asks what is she doing here. Kanchan says she asks Prema to clean the house. Armaan says okay and walks away.

Rudra and Saransh eagerly wait for Armaan to leave the house and rejoice thinking both Armaan and Digvijay are not at home, hence Vanshika can find medicine easily. Digvijay returns home to get a file from Armaan’s room.

Rudra and Sarnash get tensed seeing him. Rudra then rushes to outhouse and calls Vanshika, but she doesn’t pick call. Vanshika is busy searching for medicine when Digvijay enters and asks what is she doing here. She drops a vase in shock. Preesha hears Digvijay’s house, walks to Armaan’s room, and asks Digvijay what happened.

Kanchan also walks in. Digvijay says what is Prema doing in Armaan’s room. Kanchan says she asked Prema to clean the house. Prema says madam gave work and she saw the room open and hence started cleaning it. Kanchan asks her to go and clean another room. Prema leaves.

Raj calls Pihu outside house and says he wants to talk to her something important. Pihu says he didn’t speak when Vidyuth kicked her out of the house and must have thought her as culprit. Raj says he didn’t want to create any issue at Rudra’s house and hence he didn’t speak. He reveals that he had visited a doctor who informed that someone had mixed a drug purposefully in his green tea to make him lose his wife.

Pihu asks if he thinks she did that. Raj says he knows she cannot harm him and wants her to help him find a culprit, be it her brother. Pihu says he had gone against his brother to help her, so she will help him even if she has to go aginst her brother.

Vanshika/Prema returns to outhouse and says she coun’t find medicine as Digvijay barged in suddenly. Rudra says its okay and says just like Armaan is drugging Preesha, they will drug and make him asleep and then find where the medicine is. Vanshika say she will do that. During dinner, Kanchan says she prepared kheer for the family.

Prema in lieu of helping her mixes medicine in Armaan’s kheer. Armaan feels sleepy and heads to his room. Rudra with his children and Vanshika then walks to Armaan’s room and checks him by shaking his face and then slapping him. Armaan doesn’t wake up. Rudra asks his team to search each corner of the room for medicine.

Rudra notices a fake wall while searching for medicine and knocks it. Preesha wakes uphearing the sound and heads towards Armaan’s room. Rudra removes painting from the fake wall and drops it down.

Raj calls Pihu and apologizes her for calling at this time. Pihu says its okay and says he helped her going against his family, so she wants to help him going against her family. Raj thanks her. Vidyuth walks in and gets angry on Raj for talking to Pihu.

Raj say she can’t hear against Pihu as she is not the culprit and is helping him find a real culprit. Vidyuth asks what does he mean. Raj says Vidyuth was right that someone purposefully mixed medicine in his tea, he will find out the culprit at any cost. Vidyuth gets tensed hearing that.


Yeh Hai Chahatein 3rd September 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Rudra finds a hidden locker in Armaan’s room and thinks Armaan hid medicine in it. Pihu checks competition day’s changing room footage and finds Vidyuth mixing medicine. Preesha enters Armaan’s room and notices Roohi and others there.


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