Yeh Hai Chahatein 6th July 2021 Written Episode Update


Yeh Hai Chahatein 6th July 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Yeh Hai Chahatein 6th July 2021 Bunty takes Rudra to Mishka’s house and warns him against the man at home. Rudra says he came here to search his son. Bunty asks to rethink again as the man will open the door and he will not say that Mishka and Saransh are inside. Rudra says he is right and Mishka will get alert, so let us wait in car till the man goes out of house. They get into car and wait. At sangeet venue, Sulochana walks to Preesha and asks about Rudra. Preesha asks how will she know. Sulochana asks what did she do that Rudra left his own sangeet. Preesha asks how will she knows, this marriage is happening because of her or else Sulochana had canceled it. Their discussion continues when Arman walks to Preesha and takes her to dance floor. Preesha enjoys dance with him, Anvi, and Devika.

Rura and Bunty see man going out and walk towards door. Devika gets worried when Rudra doesn’t return even after sangeet function finishes. Sulochana calls Rudra. Rudra disconnects it. Sulochana acts as speaking to him and asks him to come home directly as he will late. Arman asks what happened. Sulochana says Rudra needs more time, so he apologized them all and will come home directly. Arman says he will ask driver to drop her home. Sulochana says her house is just 2 houses away and will go by walk. Preesha runs behind Sulochana in lieu of giving her sweet boxes and asks if Rudra really went to hotel. Sulochana says she doesn’t know as she acted as speaking to him. Preesha gets worried that Rudra is in danger and calls hotel to find out. Receptionist says he is on leave for a few days. Preesha gets more concerned and asks if Rudra was with Bunty before coming to sangeet ceremony. Sulochana says yes. Bunty and Rudra are about to knock door when they see man returning and hide. Presha calls Bunty and asks if Rudra is with him. Bunty agrees. Preesha says he wanted to visit hotel. Sulochana asks why did he lie. Rudra says Bunty had a drunk and drive accident, so he went to rescue Bunty from police case. Sulochana asks how much more time will take. He says a bit and he will come home directly. Sulochana thanks Preesha for her help. Preesha assures that she will not interfere between Rudra and Devika.

Arman meets his detective and asks if he got Preesha’s information. Detective says a lot and asks what is Preesha’s full name. Arman says Preesha Iyer. Detective says she lied as her name is Preesha Srinivasan. Arman realizes that Vasu and GPS are Preesha’s parents. Detective says Preesdha had married a famous personality and his name is. Just then, Preesha walks in and insists Rudra to leave his work and concentrate on Devika’s wedding. Arman says he will finish a file in 10 minutes and join her. She takes all the files saying she will return them only after Devika’s wedding and takes him away. Arman thinks why did Preesha lie her surname, he will find out truth if he checks the file, but Preesha is taking them away. Devika requests Arman to help her select her wedding dress. Preesha asks him to attend Devka and keeps file in her cupboard. She is about to check the file when Devika calls her and she walks away closing the cupboard.

On the other side, Rudra and Bunty sees man leaving for work and get into house via window. They see nobody at home. Bunty says he told Mishka is not here. Rudra sees someone behind door and acts as leaving. Milkman knocks door next to deliver milk. Mishka extends her hand out of door. Rudra rushes and holds her hand and breaking the door lock pushes her down. They both are shocked to see Mishka. Rudra says he knew she is her and was peeping via door hole, asks why did she act as dying in a bomb blast.


Yeh Hai Chahatein 7th July 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Rudra questions Mishka about Saransh. Ahana walks in. Arman checks file and realizes Preesha is Gopal Srinivasan’s daughter. Devika shows Preesha’s photo to Sharda and says she is her bhabhi, Preesha Thakur.


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