Yeh Hai Chahatein 7th July 2021 Written Episode Update


Yeh Hai Chahatein 7th July 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Yeh Hai Chahatein 7th July 2021 Rudra catches Mishka and says he knew he saw her in market and followed her since yesterday evening. He reveals how he saw her peeping from door hole and how he sent a milk boy to catch her. He remembers telling Bunty that Mishka mislead them by giving wrong address and instead stays in opposite house, etc. Out of flashback, he strangulates Mishka and insists to reveal where Saransh is. Ahana enters and warns to leave Mishka. She feeds water to Mishka and asks if she is fine. Rudra is surprised to see her and asks how can she support Mishka who acted as dying in a bomb blast and took Saransh with her. Ahana shows Mishka’s burnt skin to him.

Arman thinks he can find out Preesha’s truth via detective’s file and asks Anvi to inform Preesha that Chachaji called her. Chachaji asks when did he call Preesha. Arman says he has some work in Preesha’s room, so he lied to call her out. Chachaji says his love story is unique. Preesha walks to Chachaji and gets busy checking designs on laptop. Arman walks into Preesha’s room and picks file when Preesha returns and snatches file from him and asks if file is important that Devika’s wedding. He says he needs to check something important. She says let her also check. He stops her and says they will check later. Anvi walks in and asks if her teacher will attend wedding. Preesha says yes and even appa will attend wedding. Arman notices that.

Rudra continues to question Mishka. Ahana says her sister escaped a bomb blast. Rudra asks where is Saransh. Ahana says Saransh died in bomb blast and he saw Saransh’s dead body. Rudra asks how is Mishka alive then. She says Mishka was standing outside car and Rudra was inside car. He says he saw 2 dead bodies. Mishka says another body was her friend’s and Kabir planned this bomb blast, he told he will plant fake bomb to grab money from Rudra, but planted real bomb instead; she had called her friend to help her take Saransh from there, but got stuck in car and died instead. Rudra says he doesn’t trust her. Ahana shows Mishka’s hospital bills and says Mishka was in coma for 5 months and when she came out of coma, doctors called Ahana and she came here to take Mishka away from all the mess; its up to Rudra to think whatever he wants to. Rudra trusts her and walks away. Mishka and Ahana relax.

Arman visits GPS and Vasu’s house. They greet him in. Vasu say she will bring coffee for him. He says he already had coffee and says Preesha invited them for Devika’s wedding already, he thought of personally inviting them. Vasu thanks him. Rudra says he came here for Preesha and says Preesha had told that GPS is Preesha’s father’s friend and considers him as father and Vasu as mother, so she wants them to attend wedding as Preesha’s family. GPS says Arman is Preesha’s family now. Arman says Preesha will feel good if they attend and thinks of checking house to find Preesha’s clue. He asks if he can use their washroom. Vasu signals GPS to clear the washroom from any dirty clothes. GPS walks into room and hides Preesha and their pics. Arman uses washroom and leaves. Vasu thinks if Arman got suspicious.

Bunty asks Rudra to at least believe now that Saransh is not alive. Rudra says he doesn’t trust Mishka and Ahana as they lied that Mishka’s body flew and fell far away during blast, but he was present there and didn’t see any body outside and even police didn’t. Sulochana calls him and orders to come home right now. Rudra thinks Sharda’s condition deteriorated and asks Bunty not to inform anyone whatever happened here. Ahana and Mishka get happy that they fooled Rudra easily. Ahana then calls lawyer and insists him to finish her work in 2 days as she cannot wait more.

Arman returns home and remembers checking Vasu and GPS’ room and finding Preesha’s college certificates on wall. He realizes that Preesha is GPS and Vasu’s daughter and gets angry that Preesha hid truth from him and thinks he needs to find out what all Preesha hid.


Yeh Hai Chahatein 8th July 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Preesha finds Arman hiring a private detective to find out about her past, confronts him and says she will inform him about her past. Devika shows Preesha’s pic to Sharda and says she is her bhabhi Preesha Thakur.


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