Yeh Hai Chahatein 8th August 2022 Written Episode Update


Yeh Hai Chahatein 8th August 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Yeh Hai Chahatein 8th August 2022 Kanchan praises gardender Prem/Rudra for planting tree in a correct way. Rudra gets into his senses and thanks Preesha in mind for helping him. Kanchan tells Prem that she will inform his next task and walks inside the house. Prem/Rudra goes to wash hands and finds no water coming out of tap.

Preesha notices him and helps him wash hands. After some time, Roohi and Saransh call Rudra and ask him how was his first day. Rudra says he was enjoying signing songs in a studio and today has to work hard, his whole body is paining.

Roohi apologizes him. He says he got a reward also as Preesha sat near him and even helped him wash hands. Saransh reminds him that he is still at an enemy Armaan’s house and should be careful. Rudra asks not to worry as he has set everything right. He falls asleep without his gardener makeup.

Next morning, Kanchan wakes him up to get back to work. Rudra wakes up panicked, disguises himself as old gardener, and opens door. Kanchan looks shocked and asks what is it. Rudra recalls fixing his moustache at the last moment and thinks why she is shocked then.

Kanchan points at a rat. Rudra gets afraid and jumps on Kamnchan pleading her to save him from the rat. Kanchan laughs on him. Digvijay before going to work with Aryan says Kanchan is losing her mind in lieu of gardening. Armaan says its good that she is busy in some good work.

Digvijay gets jealous noticing Kanchan’s carrying an old gardener. Armaan laughs. Digvijay warns him to stop laughing and and asks gardener if he is not ashamed to jump on a young woman. Rudra asks young? Digvijay says younger than him and asks Kanchan to leave the gardener. Kanchan drops Rudra/Prem on the floor.

Rudra says he is mistaken as he saw a rat and jumped on Kanchan. Kanchan helps him stands up. Rudra requests Digvijay to forgive him. Kanchan requests him to forgive Prem as he is too old. Digivijay warns Prem to not touch Kanchan again and leaves with Armaan. Kanchan also leaves.

Rudra decides to check Preesha’s room and find out which medicine Arman giving her to erfase her memory. He enters house and notices Preesha in kitchen. He silently enters Preesha’s room and searches her whole room.

He then walks to bathroom thinking if medicine is there and finds some medicines in a drawer. Preesha realize leaving her phone in her room and walks to her room. She gets angry seeing gardener there and asks how dare he is to enter her bathroom. Rudra gets tnesed seeing him.

Roohi misses Rudra and tells Saransh that she wants to meet papa. Saransh says she is the one who sent papa to bring mamma back, so she should be strong.

Roohi determines to meet papa at any cost and packs home cooked food for Rudra thinking he must be having servant’s food there. She then requests driver to take her to Armaan’s house. Driver refuses. She requests him to take her to papa once as she is missing him. He agrees.

Rudra says he came to take pain balm as he is having severe backache; he called Chachiji a lot, but she didn’t listen to him. Preesha says he didn’t listen to his voice. He says maybe he was shouting in his mind and starts acting. She offers him balm.

She thanks her and asks who will apply balm on his back as he cannot reach his back. Preesha agrees to help him. Rudra thanks him and lies on bed. Preesha calls servant who applies balm. Rudra thinks why Preesha’s hands feel so hard. Servant asks if he is feeling good.


Yeh Hai Chahatein 9th August 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Armaan notices Rudra’s car and questions watchman who informs that Roohi has come. Armaan searches Roohi in whole room and walks to gardener’s room. Digvijay asks him to break the door. Roohi is busy feeding food to Rudra.


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