Yeh Hai Chahatein 9th September 2022 Written Episode Update


Yeh Hai Chahatein 9th September 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Yeh Hai Chahatein 9th September 2022 Raj searches Rudra’s room for some music notes and finds Rudra and Preesha’s love letters. Pihu enters Khurana house forcefully to meet Raj and tells him that she is lying, Vidyut is the culprit.

She notes papers in his hand. He tries to hides them. She forcefully snatches and reads Rudra’s letters and asks what is this. Raj says Rudra’s love letters for Preesha, it proves how much Rudra loves Preesha,

but Armaan separated them and is still conspiring against them. He asks her to leave his house. Sharda calls him and he walks away. Pihu thinks these letters prove how much Rudra loves Preesha, she should find out if Armaan is lying.

Rudra/Prem and his team reach picnic venue. Golmaal song plays in the background. Kids insist Kanchan to play with them. Kanchan says she will rest and watch them playing. Kids insist to play volleyball.

Preesha says old Prem and Prema cannot play volleyball in this age. Prem says he is old by body and still young at heart, a healthy mind keeps a body strong. Prema also insists. Roohi divides Preesha and Rudra in 1 team, herself and Saransh in another team. Prem plays game enthusiastically.

Preesha and Kanchan are surprised seeing his energy. Rudra notices Preesha failing to net a ball and lifts her. Kanchan gets Digvijay’s call who asks about her and Preesha. Kanchan is amazed seeing Prem lifting Preesha and says Prem. Roohi gets afraid that Prem’s truth will be out.

Vanshika signals Prem to drop Preesha down as he is too old. Rudra falls down with Preesha and cries that he broke his back in game excitement. Kanchan tells Digvijay that Prem fell down with Preesha and disconnects call. Digvijay fumes and thinks when will Prem get out of their house.

Roohi says papa and mamma won though. Preesha and Kanchan look at her confused. Roohi says she means papa and Preesha aunty. Pihu returns home with letters and thinks these letters show that Rudra suffered a lot after separating from Preesha,

but Armaan and Preesha has a different story to say; she needs to show these letters to Digvijay and seek truth from him; then thinks Digvijay will find out that she went to meet Raj, so she shouldn’t show them to Digvijay and try to find out truth via other means.

Saransh takes everyone to chat street. Roohi insists for a gol gappa. Prem orders for everyone and feeds Roohi. Roohi asks him to feed it to even Saransh. Prem says he will feed it to everyone and tries to feed Preesha. Preesha stops him and asks what is he doing. Prem apologizes and says he just got into a flow thinking they are a family.

Preesha says its okay. They then stop at a candy floss shop. Preesha gets a flashback of her nok jhok with Ruda while having candy floss similarly and thinks why she is remembering Rudra so much. Maine Tera Naam Dil Rakhdiya.. song plays in the background.


Yeh Hai Chahatein 10th September 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Digvijay finds Rudra’s phone in Prem’s cupboard and showed it to Armaan and Preesha.


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