Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 27th November 2019 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Written Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 27th November 2019 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 27th November 2019 Episode Start With Ishita feeding water to Raman. She asks him to rest. He looks around and asks what’s all this, where are we. Doctor comes and asks how are you feeling now. He checks Raman. She goes to call Sudha. She gets her message. She says Sudha thinks so much about us, I hope she gets news about Neeti, I will tell family about emergency case. Nurse says doctor is calling you. Ishita goes and thanks doctor. Doctor says your belief and dedication gave courage to Raman to come out of coma. He goes. Raman asks what’s happening.

Ishita says relax, don’t ask right now, don’t take stress. He asks where is the family, why are they not here. She says they can’t come here, because you are not Raman for them. He asks are you joking. She says I had to take my friend home as Raman, Shardul is living there as Raman. He asks why. She says situation was such, I had to do this to save your life. He says I just remember that I was coming back to surprise you all on Yug and Aaliya’s marriage. She says its complicated, will you listen to me calmly, when you were coming home, we got the news of plane crash. She tells him everything.

Everyone worries for Ishita. Shardul says nothing will happen to your Ishita, I promise to get her home safely, its my mistake to let her go alone. Ruhi says don’t blame yourself. Aaliya says yes, don’t stress. He says I will go and file police complaint, I can’t risk her life. Yug and Shardul leave. Amma prays for Ishita. She asks Ruhi to light diya in temple. Ishita asks how will you remember this, you were in coma. Raman says its not easy. She says yes, but Sudha helped me a lot, Shardul, you don’t know him, he is my old friend, I helped him once, so he agreed to become Raman, it was much difficult for him, it was tough to prove that your face changed. He says no one knows I m here. She signs no. He asks why didn’t you tell them. She says how could I say, your life is in danger, how would you save yourself in this state.

He says I want to go home. She asks how can you go, you are weak. He throws the medical equipments wires. She says relax, I will talk to the doctor. Nurse says I will call the doctor. Door bell rings. Simmi says I think Ishita has come. She goes and opens the door. She gets shocked seeing Ishita with Raman. Ruhi and everyone ask what happened. They also get shocked seeing Raman. Raman says Maa…. Sanjay says who was that man with Ishita. The driver asks him to return the bag to Ishita. Sanjay thinks to go by this excuse. Mrs. Bhalla says my Raman and cries. She hugs him. Ishita asks him to sit, he isn’t fine still. She says its good Raman has come, he will get fine with the family soon. She asks nurse to go now, everyone is here. Amma asks who is he.

Ishita says what’s this question, he is Raman. Mr. Bhalla asks then who is living with us as Raman. Sanjay looks on and thinks what, this man is Raman. He keeps the bag and goes. He calls Arijit. Arijit asks what happened. Sanjay says Ishita got a man just now and saying he is Raman, then who is this new man. Arijit gets shocked and thinks I knew that Raman is alive, she was hiding him. He says listen to me, keep an eye on them, go there. He says what, Raman came back home, if Raman meets Neeti, she will react, Ishita won’t let Shardul stay there now, what about Neeti. He calls Shardul. Shardul asks Yug to call home, did Ishita come home. Yug says I don’t think so. Karan says its good you informed commissioner. Shardul says Ishita would have called me. He drives the car. He thinks why is Arijit calling me at this time. Arijit thinks is he stuck in any problem. He messages Shardul, that Ishita got Raman home. He checks and says message isn’t delivered, why is phone switched off.

Ishita says I will tell you everything, but don’t jump to conclusions. Shardul, Karan and Yug come home. Karan says Ishita’s car, maybe she has come home. He asks the watchman. Sanjay says she has come, a man also came with her. Karan asks who. Sanjay says don’t know. Shardul thinks did she get Raman. Ishita says the one living with us is not Raman. Ruhi asks what. Mihika says what, you mean he isn’t Raman, then who is he. Ishita says his name is Shardul. Simmi says it means Natasha was saying the truth. Amma asks why did you do this. Shardul thinks maybe Arijit was calling me for this. He takes Yug’s phone saying I will inform commissioner that Ishita came home. Karan and Yug rush. Simmi asks why didn’t you tell us, what was the need to get someone else here, why did you lie. Mrs. Bhalla says my heart used to say that he isn’t Raman, but you made us believe he is Raman, why did you hurt our emotions. They cry.


Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 28th November 2019 Written Episode Update Precap : Shardul asks who is this man, he is my lookalike. Ishita asks what’s this joke. Shardul says truth is, I m Raman, we will do a DNA test.


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