Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 5th November 2019 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Written Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 5th November 2019 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 5th November 2019 Episode Start With Aaliya waking up and smiling seeing Yug. Yug wakes up and asks her about her lovely smile. She says I slept so well after a long time. He says it means you don’t get good sleep at Mani’s house, I will tell him. She says fine, tell him, he knows I get much love from this house, I m their daughter, not bahu. He says that’s true, this house gave me much love, I feel bad for Raman, Raman and Ishita regarded me more than their son, I have fought them, the company is going to get bankrupt because of me. She says make sure that we didn’t do any mistake, maybe someone has changed the envelope. Yug says I can’t forgive myself. She asks him to think positive. He goes. She prays to get saved from this problem.

Simmi asks did Ruhi leave. Karan says yes, she has messaged me. Mihika says she will come in few days. Karan says I got habitual to her. Aaliya says we won’t let her stay alone, don’t worry. Karan says I will call her, she would be missing me. Ishita says have breakfast. Karan says no. Yug comes to have breakfast. Ishita says I will call Mrs and Mr. Bhalla. Simmi says Amma has come back, they have gone to have breakfast at a restaurant. Raman says its peaceful that Natasha went. Yug says I need to talk to dad about the tender. Ishita says we will talk about work later. Karan says I m thinking to go to mum and help her, I will come back soon. Ishita says okay, go. Yug praises Ishita’s handmade parathas. Mani comes and says have food, then we shall talk. Raman asks what’s the matter. Mani says Yug was right, someone has changed the tender. Raman asks how can this happen.

Yug says I hired a private investigator to spy on the man to whom you gave the tender, that man has been spending a lots of money, I think we should complain about him. Raman says we should make him admit the truth. He tells his plan. Arijit asks about Neeti. Thia says she is good now. He says I will get you back here, once things get fine. She says fine, talk to Bhuvan. Bhuvan says we have made Khatri change Yug’s tender, he is asking for more money. Arijit says just pay him and then go back. He says what’s this new drama now, I m afraid that Sunil and Natasha may tell my name, I will deal with them first. Aaliya asks will Raman’s plan work. Ishita says I m sure that man will confess. Aaliya gets a call from her friend. She says I m coming to meet you, Sana. She says I will just go and get Sana here. She goes. Raman, Mani and Yug take disguise. Mani says Khatri has ordered this. He shows the things. Mani says its costly things, sign here. The lady calls Khatri to come and collect his things.

His colleagues gossip that Khatri has much money. Khatri comes. Raman says you have bought a lot of things from our shop, you have won an AC, give me the address, we will instal the AC. The senior asks what’s all this. Khatri says I don’t know anything, its not mine. Mani shows the bill. Raman asks senior to ask Khatri. Khatri worries. Aaliya welcomes Sana home. Ishita smiles. Aaliya says she is my Ishimaa. She asks Sana how did she come to India. Sana says my husband has got posting here, everything is fine. Ishita compliments Sana and asks is there any good news. Sana says right, I m pregnant. Ishita says congrats, what’s the due date. Sana says there is much time, I came to stay with family, give me a good gynac’s number, will you come along. Aaliya says I have some work. Ishita asks her to go. Aaliya goes to get ready. Ishita says its just office related tension, have fruits, not snacks.

Khatri acts to get a heart attack. Raman scares him a lot. Khatri gets up and says I m fine, its just acidity. Raman asks are you done with the drama. Bhuvan comes home and calls out Arijit. He says where did Arijit go. Raman asks what did you do with the tender. Khatri tells everything. Raman scolds him. He asks senior to say who will pay for it. He shouts a lot. The senior apologizes and says we will have a contract with you at your quotation. Yug says thanks, we will go home and inform Ishita. Raman stops him. He asks Khatri to tell him who is behind it. Khatri gets a call and says its the same man’s call.

Raman asks him to talk and call him for the meet. Khatri answers and asks Bhuvan to meet him. Raman, Mani and Yug wait for Bhuvan. Bhuvan get Arijit’s call. He says yes, I have come to the cafe. He gets a message and sees Raman. He runs away. Arijit says we got saved, Raman has caught Khatri, we would have got caught if you went there, you don’t keep any contact with Khatri. Bhuvan agrees. Ishita calls Raman and asks did you find out something. He says no. She says maybe that man got to know this, maybe Khatri has told him. He says I won’t leave Khatri. She says he gets angry so soon.


Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 6th November 2019 Written Episode Update Precap : Arijit says I won’t let you all celebrate Diwali. Aaliya gets shocked seeing the bomb inside the gift.


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