Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 7th November 2019 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Written Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 7th November 2019 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 7th November 2019 Episode Start With Raman reading the threatening message. Simmi asks what’s written. Raman gets angry and throws the bomb box. Raman goes out and asks watchman about the man getting the parcel. The watchman says I didn’t see, many people come on festive. Raman gets angry. Yug and Karan stop him. Ishita takes Raman. Arijit looks on and says now it looks Diwali, Raman looked so happy, how can this happen, when I m upset, you can’t be happy.

Karan talks to Ruhi and says everything is fine here. He says Yug, I feel Ruhi for the intuition, she would have left everything and come back if I told her, how is Raman. Yug says you lost your brother already. Karan says we won’t lose anyone now. Karan says I will stay here tonight, mom might have slept by now. Ishita says I know you are lying, Sudha was worried and calling you, you can stay, call her once, thanks. He says okay, thanks, we will play some game, Ruhi told me you all have fun on Diwali. Raman says my mood is bad. Aaliya says we will be glad if you stay. Raman says fine, I will just sit. Yug and Karan say we will play dumb charades. Yug and Aaliya become team captains. They play and laugh. Raman just looks on. Ishita smiles and plays with everyone. Raman says you aren’t doing it well, I will do and show. He enacts and wins. Everyone claps.

Aaliya gets ready and asks Yug to get up. He asks her to sleep as well. She sends him to freshen up. Yug and Aaliya come for puja. Ishita asks him to sit. He asks where is Papa. Raman comes. Ishita jokes. Raman says I had to wake up early. Raman and Yug sit in the huge vessels for rituals. Aaliya gets oil. Ishita gets her hand burnt. Raman gets up and cares for her. Ishita says its fine, relax, Raman sit for rasam. Raman applies ointment to her hand and asks her to just command him for work, it doesn’t matter if they don’t do the rasam this year. Ishita asks Aaliya and Yug to complete the rasam. Aaliya does the rasam. She asks for her gift. Yug says I didn’t knew it. She asks what now. He says next year, right. She says fine, get good gift next year. Yug says I will go for bath now. Yug goes.

Arijit cries and sees his wife’s pic. He says I didn’t celebrate any festive after you went, Neeti is with me. He gets Bhuvan’s call. He asks did Neeti like the dress I sent, is she fine. Bhuvan says I have to say something. Arijit asks what is it. Bhuvan says Neeti isn’t here. Arijit says Thia would have taken her somewhere, call Thia. Thia says Sir, Neeti …. don’t know when she left from here, some people saw her in the bus going to Delhi. Arijit asks what, how can she go, she doesn’t know the route, I asked you to take care of her. Bhuvan says don’t worry, I m coming to Delhi. Arijit says I will burn you two alive if I don’t get Neeti.

He calls someone and says my daughter is lost, she boarded the bus, go and find her, I want my daughter, I m sending you the pic. Ishita says you should have got the gift for Aaliya, gift her jewellery set, I had kept it. Yug says wait, I have got earrings for her, its our first diwali, I wanted to surprise her, I will hide this. He goes to hide the gift. He gets baby’s sonography pics. He says Aaliya wanted to say this, so she was so shy, Aaliya is pregnant. He smiles and jumps happily. He says I m going to become a dad, Aaliya didn’t tell anyone, because she wants to tell this to me first, its our private moment, don’t spoil it, I will take her on dinner, no, she shouldn’t travel, I will make food for her at home, so that she stays healthy and baby also stays healthy, I will send everyone out, then Aaliya will tell me. Aaliya comes to call him.


Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 8th November 2019 Written Episode Update Precap: Arijit shouts on Thia. Thia says I have to tell something imp, Neeti got fine before she went. At some shop, Neeti holds Ishita’s saree and cries. She says my mum has come back.


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