Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka 25th September 2020 Written Episode Update


Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka 25th September 2020 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka 25th September 2020 Episode starts with Roshni eating a lot of food. She says its so tasty. Jalpari says you had it so soon. Salma says she can eat a lot of food. Aman says sometimes she finishes all the food, Roshni, I will get noodles. Roshni says its my fav. Aman gets noodles for her. Roshni says wow…. Jalpari says stop, I will have it. Everyone smiles. They start feeding the food to Jalpari. Jalpari eats a lot. She gets dizzy. She says I did a big mistake. She goes and faints on the couch. Everyone looks at her. Tabeezi says just get the pearls from her hand so that you can get your powers back. Roshni goes and gets the bracelet.

Tabeezi says I will try to find out, how will you get powers back. She checks the book. Aman says hurry up, we don’t have time. Phupi keeps the cold drink there. The drop falls down. Jalpari wakes up and gets the bracelet back. Jalpari says water goes to anyone who needs it, I gave you 15 mins, its over now. She opens the door to jinn hell. She says now your game is over. She gets Armaan. Aman says give Armaan to us, I will come with you, I m ready to come with you. Roshni says yes, we are ready to come, don’t do anything to Armaan. Jalpari says you don’t know it, his real place is jinn hell, he is the next Kaala jinn. They get shocked. Roshni and Aman ask what are you saying.

Jalpari says whoever kills Kaala jinn takes his place, your son has killed Kaala jinn, now he will become next Kaala jinn, you are Jinnat king, don’t you know this, anyways, see your son for the last time, he will become Kaala jinn and come back. Roshni says no, don’t do this. Aman says give my son back. Jalpari takes Armaan. Aman and Roshni run. Jalpari throws water at them and stops them. Everyone gets worried. Dadi shouts. Jalpari gets caught by Shayari.

Rehan comes there with a little boy. Rehan says we found out who to shut the black hole. Shayari says Jhumru has Kiki’s keys. The boy says we don’t have much time, did she open the black hole by the pearl, find the pearl, until then I will find the pearl. Rehan and Shayari catch Jalpari by the rope. Everyone looks for the pearl. Jalpari uses her powers and gets free. Dadi asks Aman to see the pearl under the sofa. Aman and Roshni run to get the pearl. Jalpari walks to the jinn door. Roshni throws the pearl to Jhumru. He uses the pearl with the key. Aman and Roshni ask him to do it fast. The hell door disappears. Everyone sees a bright light. Armaan drops there. Roshni runs and hugs him. Everyone smiles. Aman hugs Roshni. He thanks Jhumru.

Jhumru says have your powers, you all will get your powers back on touching this pearl. Aman, Roshni and Rehan keep their hands on the pearl. They get their powers back. Shayari says we went to Kiki cave, he got mad seeing us and gave his life. Rehan says we got Jhumru there. Shayari says he had Kiki’s keys. Dadi asks what were you doing there. Tabeezi asks who caged you there. Jhumru says Kaala jinn did, my dad sold me to Kaala jinn. He gets sad. Jhumru says Kaala jinn caged me and Kiki. Tabeezi asks where is your family. Jhumru says don’t know, I just know that Kaala jinn gave them much money instead me. Aman gets sad. Dadi and Roshni hug him. Roshni says don’t worry, think we are your family, Kaala jinn is dead now. Aman says you will stay with us. They hug Jhumru. Shayari sees Rehan and thinks why does he look worried seeing Jhumru.


Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka 28th September 2020 Written Episode Update Precap :Tabeezi says black crown night is coming, Armaan will be next black jinn. Aman and Roshni worry,


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