Yeh Jhuki Jhuki Si Nazar 14th June 2022 Written Episode Update


Yeh Jhuki Jhuki Si Nazar 14th June 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Yeh Jhuki Jhuki Si Nazar 14th June 2022 Episode starts with Armaan asking why didn’t you tell me, Diya. Doctor says we discovered another condition, its worrying, you have fibroids, if you have much blood loss then you can have complications in pregnancy,

because your age is over 30. They worry and see each other. Doctor says my work is to inform you everything, if you are thinking of family planning, then postpone it, your wife’s health will have double risks. Diya cries.

Armaan holds her. Doctor says decide soon if you want to save Brij, fine another donor, or become a donor yourself. Armaan says we will find another donor. Sudha stumbles and says sorry, Laddoo Gopal, I made a mistake. She places the idol in the temple. Saloni asks what happened, why are you worried. Sudha says I was happy, I just dropped the idol, I m scared of the bad omen.

Saloni says don’t think so, Laddoo gopal is naughty and was teasing you. Sudha says when a dream looks lovely, then the fear also comes on its own, I want to become a Dadi, I also want a grandchild, Diya and my differences will end if she gives me a grandchild. Madhu says Diya can fulfil your dream or not, don’t feel bad,

I also want you to become Dadi, but its not easy that Diya becomes a mum, she won’t like to take a baby’s responsibility, she is over 30 years, getting pregnant for the first time is tough. Sudha says Diya won’t disappoint me this time, my dream will really get fulfilled. She prays.

Doctor says I told you all the options, hospital gynac can help you with all the info, Diya can become a mum, but there can be complications, think well and decide. He goes. Armaan and Diya leave. Armaan sees a kid and imagines himself with him. Diya imagines Brij. They leave. Krish calls Palki.

He says my startup dream is getting fulfilled, Saloni said she will invest in my business, she trusts my ideas, I will work hard. She congratulates him. She says I m tensed about dad’s surgery. He says Saloni decided the logo also, my fitness app is about trust. He goes on talking.

She says mummy is calling me, I will talk later. She disconnects. Sudha says Ramkali takes so many offs. Saloni says I will handle all the work. Madhu asks her to make tea. Saloni goes. Madhu praises her. Diya and Armaan come home.

Sudha asks when is Brij’s surgery, why do you look so worried, is everything fine. Diya says dad’s surgery will happen soon, everything will be fine. Sudha says its good, go and take rest. Diya leaves her phone there and goes.

Madhu says I think something happened between them. Bhavna says something is wrong. Diya think and says I have to call doctor and say I m ready to become the donor. Diya’s phone rings. Madhu calls out Diya. She says I will disconnect. She answers the call and puts it on speaker. She hears the gynac talking.

Sudha talks to the gynac. Gynac says I have to talk to Diya related to her pregnancy, ask her to call me back. Sudha says sure, thanks. She smiles and says I told you, Diya won’t disappoint me, I m sure Diya and Armaan are planning the baby, very soon good news will come.

Armaan says we didn’t discuss, you are deciding. Diya says dad doesn’t have much time, I m becoming the donor. He says doctor told me the risks, I won’t you take the risk. She says I can’t wait for long, if we get donor late, then I can’t forgive myself.

She says I can’t let you take the risk, I also care for Brij, I worry for both of you, wait for some time, I promise, we will find the donor. She says if we don’t get then, I can’t take risk, where is my phone. She comes downstairs. Sudha hugs her. She says I m very happy. Diya asks what did I do.

Sudha says my blessing is always with you. She gets a call and goes. Diya takes her phone and thinks what was Sudha saying. Armaan says I hope you didn’t talk to the doctor. Diya says I will talk tomorrow, he was busy today.

He says this time isn’t to get emotional and think, what will dad go through knowing this. She says you don’t tell him. He says you aren’t understanding, fine, do what you want. He takes a pillow and leaves the room. Sudha looks on.

She thinks did they have a fight, what’s going on. She comes downstairs and calls out Armaan. Diya cries and says I have two impossible options, I have to select one, I thought Armaan will understand me. She prays.


Yeh Jhuki Jhuki Si Nazar 15th June 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Armaan says we will tell Sudha that we can’t plan the baby. Diya says I think we should tell her the truth. Sudha says I m happy seeing them plan the baby.


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